Do you need someone to help you conquer a difficult high school subject? Maybe you are really falling behind in class and know that unless you get help, you are in danger of failing. It’s obvious to you that you need a tutor, but how do you tell if the one you select is going to do the best job for you? You know that these services are offered everywhere, as you can even go online to find one. The problem of who to pick and how to know you are selecting the best person for the job are some big concerns when getting a tutor.


Struggling Student

First of all, you need someone who is exceptionally gifted in the subject matter you need help with. If math is causing you problems, you don’t want to hire someone who specializes in English, or any other subject. You need a math tutor, and nothing else will do. The same principle applies to whatever subject you need help with. Some tutors claim that they cover a wide range of subject matter, and while this may be true, how effective are they going to be? Stick to specifics when choosing someone to assist you.


Before you actually commit to hiring any one person, always meet with him or her first if possible. Try to determine whether he or she has the personality to be a great tutor by observing and listening to what they say and how they say it. Are they friendly and outgoing? Do they have the ability to make you feel at ease immediately? Do they speak to you as if you are an equal, or do they have a condescending attitude and make you feel intimidated? Do you actually feel “dumb” in their presence, and if so, what is it about them that makes you feel like that? Are they pressuring you to hire them? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine if they are gong to be the right tutor for you.



A thing to rememer is to not feel you have to try to work with someone who treats you with a superior, know-it-all attitude, no matter what qualifications and experience they claim to have. People like this will make your sessions uncomfortable, you will actually be afraid to ask questions, and you will be wasting your money. It’s guaranteed that you won’t learn a single thing from someone like this. Really good tutors know that communication is the key to effective tutoring, and forming a good working relationship. Anything less is a total waste of time and effort.


If you meet with a tutor who has the ability to put you at ease right from the start, this may indeed be the one you are looking for. If he or she speaks to you in a friendly and open manner, asks questions about what it is you need help with, seems to have an abundance of patience, a sense of humor, and isn’t in any hurry to get you to hire him or her, this is the one. Of course, none of this matters if he or she isn’t qualified to assist you, but chances are they have the expertise you need, or they wouldn’t be advertising their services. Remember that you will be working closely with this person, so developing a good rapport right away is essential.

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Tutoring is an art, and anyone with the skills to work in this profession knows the importance of being able to get their ideas and thoughts across with a minimum of difficulty. They need to be able to make things clear to you, and you have to be able to comprehend what they are saying for the sessions to be beneficial. Good tutors also don’t mind if you have to have them repeat something more than once, or show you how to do something over and over until it becomes clear to you. It’s all part of their job, and something that they won’t mind doing if it helps you learn. If the person you are working with loses patience, talks down to you, or doesn’t want to take the time to explain something, get rid of them and move on. You are having enough problems without adding someone like this to the mix. The perfect tutor is out there, and you will find one that suits you perfectly if you keep looking.