A quick but temporary way to splice or rejoin barbed wire, also known as "The Devil's Rope", together is to do what's called a baling wire splice. This type of splice is only intended to keep the wire line up until you can return with proper splicing materials and equipment. Checking barbed wire fence lines on a regular basis is the best way to guard against your animals getting out of their pastures. Catch a break in one wire before the other two or three, positioned above or below it snap as well due to the tautness of the fence being thrown off balance.

Things You Will Need

gloves, safety glasses, pliers, wire clippers, baling wire, stick

Step 1

Put on gloves, safety glasses and pick up one end of the snapped barbed wire line. Bend it back on itself about 8 inches and wrap the tail end around the barbed wire coming off the post. Repeat for the other end of the snapped line. Make sure the wrapped wire will hold. Crimp the ends tight with a pliers.

Step 2

Cut a piece of baling wire with a wire cutter the distance between the two barbed wire loops plus an extra foot. Baling wire is straight wire used for hay bales. It doesn't have barbs in it. Thread an end through each of the two loops of barbed wire.

Step 3

Pull the baling wire as tight as possible and twist it together. Make sure the twisted wire won't unravel.

Step 4

Find a foot long stick and thread it through the loop created when the two ends of the baling wire were twisted together. Start winding the stick round and round which will pull the two looped ends of the barbed wire closer and closer together with every turn. This will make the fence line taut again. Barbed wire is called "The Devil's Rope" for good reasons. It can be harmful to both beasts and humans. Take all safety precautions necessary, especially it you are mending barbed wire fences alone. And don't be surprised if some day you find some of your barbed wire has disappeared. That's because barbed wire has become quite collectable in the antique market.

Tips & Warnings

Be careful how many turns you make with the stick. Put too much pressure on the line and it could snap and the baling wire or barbed wire could hit you in the face.