Planning the perfect baby shower . It takes planning and patience. Follow my helpful guidelines to help you through . For a relative or friend, having a baby shower is very rewarding and fun!

Things You Will Need

First of all you will have to decide How many people you want to attend, make a rough list of friends, family members and guest who you would like to attend. Don't forget to ask the Mom to be! Include her in on the planning if possible.

After you compile your list of guests, make sure to get all of the mailing addresses for the potential guests and write them down in a notebook or journal. You don't want to lose this vital information.

Decide on what type of a "theme" you would like to have for your babyshower. This will help with the decorating needs ,cake ideas and gifts that guests will bring. I will have more info on "Themes" in another article, watch for updates!

After you pick a theme, plan on your invitations to have the same theme inspiration. It is not necessary to do so , but it will seem to be a more thought out plan when everything is in coordination.

Invitations: You can design y0ur own online, there are a lot of free print templates out there, but most of them have to have the company website printed out on them someplace. Do you want that on your invitiations? If it doesn't bother you, that may be an option. I will list some invitation websites in my series of party planning for babyshowers and will update this article when i have completed this .

You can order professional invitations, , either in an office supply store or online. I purchased invitations from a company called "Invitations by Christine" .She makes awesome awesome invitations. You send her a picture and she designs your whole invitation around the mother to be's photograph. She has several themes and samples on her website. This is the one i recommend because well...she is awesome!

You can buy premade invitations also. I would suggest Hallmark,Wal-Mart,Walgreens,Cvs,Target ,Michaels,Hobby Lobby, any stores that you may want to visit and see if they have any . They don't normally have much to choose from, but you can maybe get an idea for a theme from them also.

Figure out where you are going to have the party, You can have it in your home, rent a small community center , local church , park, friend's house, local ymca . Try to find a place that will accomodate the number of guests that will attend. A good size party is about 15-20 people . You may have to put up a deposit and rent the location well in advance. So plan this ahead of time. I have done it both ways. Once in my house, which turned out fine, a little cramped though. And once at a community center, the only drawback is you have to lug all of the stuff to the other location and then lug it all back. Plus you have to leave the place spic and span the way you found it.

Figure out how much you want to spend on food, drinks,decorations,prizes,cake,rental,invitations, eating utensils and plates

Decide on the food your would like to have. Do you want to do just finger sandwiches and drinks? or do you want something like barbecue or take out? Depends on what you want to spend. If your on a budget make some sandwiches , i have a great recipe i will share with you later that i used at my first babyshower .Subway is also a great option if you don't want to spend a lot of time making stuff and you have the funds to allow it.

Punch or soda? You can have a punch made with soda! I have a great recipe for that also i will be sharing in my "Recipes for Baby Showers" when i get it completed I will post an update. You can do any sort of punch you want to accomodate your theme. They have cheap plastic punch bowls at Hobby lobby for about 7 bucks. You can even by the ladle too! It looks beautiful and its heavy duty clear plastic. Works like a charm. Barbecue is a good idea too! Buy it buy the pound , add some buns and a few condiments and chips and Voila! you got your meal for lunch!

Games: You will need baby shower games to make it interesting. I have one suggestions...Search the internet! i have found awesome ideas there! I will follow up with an article on "Baby Shower Games" in a continuing series. I have lots of great ideas to share with you! Suggestion* Don't have too many games! About 4 or 5 is enough . If you do too many games. Your guests will get hungry and will just be bored waiting for the party to be over.! Trust me ! this happened to me. I couldn't concentrate on the games , my tummy was grumbling.!

Door prizes, another great idea, Raffle, i do raffles at all of my baby showers, Its an incentive to bring something to get a ticket for a raffle. I will also include ideas in my series of "Games for Baby Showers" and post updates here.

Finally, remember this is the Mother to be's day! Make it special. Listen to her ideas. I have some great "mom to be " ideas that will be coming soon.




Tips & Warnings