Every parent wants to give their children memorable experiences that they can take well into adulthood. And sometimes there is nothing more fun than a birthday to present them with exactly that. Birthday parties are great fun and they can definitely show your kids how much you care about them. And thankfully when they are done right, you don't have to spend a lot of money to pull one off. All it takes is a bit of planning and forethought to have a party that both you and your children can enjoy.

Some of the best birthday parties are held in the backyard and this will save you the trouble of dragging a whole group of children out on the town while making sure to keep an eye on all of them. So take a look at how your house is set up and plan for something that uses all of the larger rooms in your house. If you have a patio, that will give you a great chance to hold a backyard BBQ that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Your guest list will be very important in ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves. There might be a temptation to invite everyone under the sun, but keeping things small and intimate has its advantages too. Basically you want everyone to feel special in their own right so keeping the numbers small will allow each child to get the proper amount of attention. You should also consult your own child to make sure who they want to invite. Sometimes parents neglect their kid's wishes and invite people who don't fit well into the mix. So find out who your kid's best friends are and make sure to contact each of their parents to give them peace of mind as well.

As for what to do during the party, the possibilities are endless. If you have the right mix of guests at the party, everyone will have a great time regardless whether or not there are any planned activities. Of course there are the old standards like playing tag or plopping everyone down to watch a movie. If you want to be more creative you can have the kids do arts and crafts based on a given theme. And if they have musical interests, there are many karaoke machines that are specifically designed for children. A karaoke machine that comes with popular music can keep kids occupied for hours as they have their own little musical party. And if you feel like doing something more elaborate, you can even set up a carnival where each child has a chance to play different games. No matter what, keep the lines of communication open so you give your kids exactly what you want that fits with your own expectations. A great birthday party will be remembered for a lifetime and inspire your kids to pass down the tradition when they grow up.