We know how to party

Harley Davidson is an American classic. Since it's inception in the early 1900s, they've survived wars, economical downturns and foreign competitors while securing a place in the fabric of our country. And throwing a party with the Harley Davidson theme is perfect for those who love the wind in their hair and nothing but road in front. This type of party can be thrown for men who love revving their bikes up before an extended motorcycle convoy, or for the kids who look on in the family sedan. You'd want to celebrate the person who's identity is intertwined with the classic bike, and who represents the pioneering American spirit. So if you're looking for some ideas on throwing a Harley Davidson party, try out a few of these suggestions.

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We know where to party

When it comes to figuring out what would best suit a Harley Davidson party, it'd be wise to just keep it simple and choose the obvious. Bikes. If you have friends with Harley bikes, you'd not only invite them, but their bikes as well. You might not want to have this kind of party in a suburban area; you'd want to go to a vacant parking lot, or some place you can park your bikes, allowing them to be showcased by viewers. All you need is a grill to cook burgers and steaks with drinks for the guests visiting. A dress code wouldn't be required (that's a bit too classy for this event), but leather pants, skull caps, bandannas and other biker gear would be welcomed. Eating outside and partying with classic American rock would let any passersby who owned a Harley feel at home. If you're celebrating a party and need a 40th birthday gift for a man, something that has a Harley Davidson theme like a watch or money clip with the logo on it would be fine.

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For a kids party, they might not have many friends with Harley bikes parked in the garage, so you'd need to adjusts a bit. There are plenty of Harley Davidson themed party supplies that you can find on Amazon or some other party site to help you in throwing the best event for your child. Orange and black would be the colors you'd use for the theme. And Harley Davidson cake baking kits could help with creating a cake fit for the little biker enthusiast. You can also include party favors with candy, bandanas, glow sticks and stickers to further inspire the open-road lifestyle. Some activities for the kids would include a scavenger hunt where Harley themed objects are hidden around the house or yard, you can also find Harley Davidson horseshoe sets or other games the kids can play with. These would make good team building activity for kids.

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We know why we party

Whatever age you're celebrating, a Harley Davidson themed birthday party is a good way to bring respect to an American classic. You could also find 60th birthday gifts for men who remember seeing the ups-and-downs of the company as the years went by. And if you really love Harley Davidson, you're not limited to just birthday parties when it comes to celebrating the iconic company. You can just host a party that simply features choppers as people view and discuss the different models. And you can also check out the Harley Davidson website for events that maybe happening near your area. They have tent events, garage parties and tours at different places around the country with food and drinks. This is where they provide information about their bikes, history and the other products they offer. If no one has a birthday coming up but there's an event happening in your town, It wouldn't be a bad way to spend a weekend. Either way, when it comes to the open road and cross country trips, a Harley Davidson is a classic way of experiencing all this land has to offer.

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