Summer Party(46754)

Every party doesn’t need to be planned weeks in advance.  In fact, some of the best parties turn out to be a last-minute get together with a group of your friends.  The following are a few party ideas that might just inspire you to call up your friends and have a party this weekend – all without breaking the bank.

  • Choose a place.  With nicer weather now in full swing, having a party at the park can be so much fun.  Check locally for parks that have barbeques that you can use and make a reservation – most of these places don’t book more than a day or two in advance.  If you don’t want to do a park, how about the beach, your backyard, a community garden?  Get creative – there’s no right or wrong place to have a party.
  • Invite your friends.  A party wouldn’t be complete without party guests.  Call up a group of friends and tell them your idea.  If you don’t want to call, consider sending an e-vite – they’re free, it’s easy to use and even easier for people to respond and communicate with each other.  Because it’s a last-minute gathering, it’s important to acknowledge that some of your party guests may have other plans, so try to be understanding when extending the invitation.
  • Plan the food.  The easiest way to have a last-minute party – especially one at the park – is to ask everyone to bring their own meat to barbecue and a dish to share.  This will ensure that everyone has a main dish and will bring a variety of side dishes that everyone can enjoy.  As the host, tell your guests that you’ll provide drinks at the party and stock up on sodas and water.
  • Provide the paper goods.  Tell your guests that you’ll have plates, utensils and napkins at the party, so they don’t need to worry about bringing those things.  Cheap party supplies are easy to come by and really make a difference when it comes to the look of your party.  To bring the party together, consider color coordinating your paper goods for a splash of color and fun.