A princess birthday party theme can work for girls all ages. It can be whimsical or elegant and can be interactive for your guests. Stores like Celebrate Express and BuyCostumes.com offer party supplies and can help you create the perfect princess birthday party.

Step 1: Create a Sparkling Invitation

Princess invitations usually feature cartoon characters or tiaras. You can even make the graphics yourself just by using a lot of different purple and gold patterns and cursive fonts. Then glue small rhinestones to the card. For a more formal theme for an older child or adult, consider going with an elegant look. You could even use a few wedding invitation papers to templates and just change up the traditional wording. Look for gold or silver elements as well as embossing. Remember to tell your guests to dress up.

Step 2: Decorate with Elegance

You can take princess decor in a lot of different directions. This can be feminine with a lot of inexpensive draping tulle. Tie large ribbon around the back of chairs. You could also try out a medieval theme with rich reds, blues and purples. Use different colors of faux silk tablecloths for elegance and interest. Collect silver jewelry boxes and fill them full of fake crystals, diamonds, gemstones or over the top jewelry. For more sophisticated decor that can even work after your party, put up vinyl lettering. This could be a favorite fairytale saying or just "Once Upon a Time" or "Happily Ever After." Hang a canopy over the dessert table that the birthday girl can use in her room after the party is over.

Step 3: Order a Birthday Cake

A simple sheet cake is inexpensive and feeds a lot of people. You could add a large tiara to the top as a decoration; just make sure that no one tries to eat it. You could also order Disney princess cake figurines for younger princesses.

Step 4: Let Your Guests Feel Like Royalty

Activities are a way to keep your guests engaged at birthday parties. For younger kids, set up a princess dress up station. Small tiaras can work as party favors. Look for over the top prom dresses at thrift stores, or just buy a lot of fun feather boas or capes at a costume supplier.

Step 5: Create a Feast

You can just display a lot of fruit and bread on oversized silver trays for dramatic appetizers. Try making miniature versions of your birthday girl's favorite food such as macaroni and cheese served in fancy silver goblets or miniature cheesecakes. An elegant presentation ensures that you can still use food that everyone will eat while keeping within the theme.

Step 6: Give Your Guests a Chance to Make Their Own Favors

A jewelry making station gives your guests something to do at your party. Stock up with a lot of beads and wire. You can also get over the top faux gems or crystals. There can either be an array of colors or just the birthday girl's favorite color.

Step 7: Continue the Theme throughout the Night

Sleepover parties are popular for older kids. Make sure that you've stocked up on your favorite princess theme movies. This lends a cohesive theme to the entire evening.