It doesn't have to be summer to throw a summer Luau party; you can have fun in the sun anytime of the year! If you are planning the party in the summer, of course the outdoors are the best place to hold it. If you're throwing the party in winter, you can hold it indoors with some great decorations from stores like or Celebrate Express. If you are planning your next summer Luau party and want it to be a hit, check out the tips below for a successful party:

Create the Theme

Decorations are the easiest way to create the theme for a summer Luau party. You can find some amazing decorations at your local party store as well as online, anytime of the year. Bright colors and large flowers are the main focus of any luau and of course you should have leis and grass skirts available for your guests to help get them in the spirit of the party.

Large palms surround the Hawaiian Islands and even if you don't live in a climate that allows them to grow, you can find some fantastic blow up trees to decorate your area. Large wall murals can be positioned to make a breathtaking backdrop for your guests; it will make them feel as though they are in the islands.

If you are having the party indoors and the weather is cold outside, you can add some excitement to the party by bringing the beach indoors. Lay down a tarp on a hard surfaced floor and place a blow up wading pool in the center. You can buy sand at your local hardware store and place it on top of the tarp. Now you just need some beach chairs to place around the pool and your guests can enjoy having their toes in the sand near sparkling blue waters.

Food and Drinks

Plan your menu around the islands; be sure to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A roasted pig is a specialty of the islands, and if you cannot roast a whole pig, a ham with pineapple garnish will do just as well. Have lavish buffets with pineapples, coconuts and other fresh fruits garnishing each dish. Check out recipes online for some of the local cuisine and create your own Hawaiian feast for your guests.

When making drinks for your guests, you should keep in mind that most drinks on the islands are tropical and offer a fruity taste with beautiful fruit garnish (and of course a ruffled umbrella). You can buy cups that look like pineapples or coconuts to save you time and money in making them on your own. Drink recipes for tropical drinks can be found online and usually consist of fruity liquors in an assortment of colors. You can create special names for your drinks and treat your guests to a truly tropical experience.

Everyone loves a luau and it is hard to go wrong. As long as you have the theme set with the right decorations and you offer your guests great food and drinks, your party will be a huge success and guests will be asking when the next one will be.