An Easter egg hunt is tradition. Whether you are just throwing one for your family or the entire community you want to make sure that you plan ahead. Here are a few tips for having the perfect Easter Egg Hunt.

Be practical about your children's skill level. An Easter egg hunt has a lot of different parts that all have to come together to really make things work. You might want to vary things up if you have a wide age group in your family. Some eggs can be hidden in plain sight while others are more difficult to find. You'll also want to have a contingency plan for rain. This also gives you the opportunity to vary the heights. Of course you want to make sure that each item is still within reach so kids don't have to endanger themselves by trying to get the prize.

Set down the ground rules before you begin. This will vary from family to family. However, before things get crazy and it becomes survival of the fittest you need to let your kids know what you expect from them in terms of not fighting over the prizes and still using manners. This will help reduce chaos later on.

Vary up the prizes. You probably don't want your kids to have ten hard boiled eggs. At the same time you probably don't want your kids to have ten chocolate eggs. You could fill up some of the eggs with small toys or even coins. Check out the dollar store where you can buy a lot of different party favors inexpensively. This makes each egg almost like a gift and also ensures that no one gets a stomach ache. Plus, then you won't have rotting Easter eggs laying around your yard or house.

Make sure the basket is proportional to the kids' size. Easter hunts require your little ones to use a lot of agility so you want to make sure that they aren't carrying around a cumbersome basket or they'll probably just abandon it completely. You can find lighter weight paper mache or fabric baskets, just make sure that they are durable enough.

You could assign a certain egg color to each family member and then vary the level of difficulty so that no one gets bored. This also allows you to keep track of how many eggs are left. At the same time you can rest assured that one kid won't get all of the treats because everyone will have an equal amount.

One of the cruelties of this time of year is that it happens so fast. You want to make sure and have your camera ready to capture every moment. You can also implement rules to keep things organized like telling the kids not to open the eggs until the end. This gives you a chance to document their reactions.

Organizing an Easter hunt takes a little bit of planning and shopping but it can be fun instead of stressful. There are the memories that your kids are going to have for years to come. Plus, you'll have the pictures around for decades.