Summer is the best time to throw a party and get together with your friends. However, one of the things that can be irritating when it comes to parties is the aftercare that it involves. But with the dawn on eco-friendly party materials, you can do away with all the piles of trash and simply have a good time. Moreover, you will also be able to help your environment by throwing an eco-friendly summer party. Here are some guidelines to remember in conducting such party.

Backyard party(59382)Credit: Wikimedia CommonsCredit: Wikimedia Commons
  • When it comes to invitations, why not ditch the whole traditional card invite and simply send an e-vite to your friends and family? This way, you are able to help conserve trees. There are sites where you can create electronic invitations. These sites are usually free of charge, so you can definitely save money as well. You can even customize these online invites. However, if you really want to have an invitation on paper but still want to be eco-friendly, you can use embedded paper instead so that your invitation can be recycled by the receiver.

  • Perhaps one of the biggest sources of party trash is the tableware – the plates, cups, plastic forks and spoons, table napkins, and table cloths. The bad thing about these things is that they are disposable – used only once then thrown away. They are not exactly complementary to the idea of an eco-friendly summer party. To avoid this problem, use compostable tableware made of sugarcane, corn, or potatoes. If you regularly throw parties, it might be a great idea to make use of reusable tableware. The downside to it is that it requires cleaning up afterwards, but if your eco-friendly summer party is just a small one, it is better to do this.

  • As for the decorations, you can make use of lanterns or piñatas instead of the usual party balloons. These are usually made from recycled materials, making them environment-friendly. You can also make the natural scenery become your decoration by hosting the party outdoors. Not only can you get rid of all the disposable decorations that come with indoor summer parties; you also save energy by not using your air conditioner. Plus, the natural scenery is the best decoration that you can have for an eco-friendly summer party. If ever you still have some party wastes that you need to dispose of, make sure that you segregate them according to biodegradability, and try to sift through the ones that can be recycled. You can even make a compost pit for your biodegradable wastes. 

  • You can also make your foods and drinks conform to the idea of an eco-friendly summer party by going green. Try to keep your menu organic and healthy as much as possible. This means avoiding foods that are high in preservative content, as well as the pre-packaged ones. Examples of foods that can be served in your party include salads, crackers, and cupcakes. If you want to use food coloring, you can buy natural food coloring at your local health food store. As for your drinks, you can go for greener alternatives such as iced tea, organic wine and beers, and homemade juices and soda. The thing is to make use of organic ingredients in your eco-friendly summer party.

  • If you are giving out party favors, you can make use of recycled materials from your home so as to save time and even make it more personalized. Examples of eco-friendly party favors that you can give out to your friends include potted plants, reusable shopping bags, or organic chocolates. Stay away from plastic ones because they are not exactly environment-friendly.