Have you ever wanted to know how to tie skate shoes like others do so that you never have to worry about tightening them up again? It's actually not too hard, and after you do it once, you usually won't need to again until you get a new pair. There are many advantages and benefits for doing this technique. Learning how to tie skate shoes makes slipping them on and off a breeze, and also keeps them looking sharp. Without the loops and laces flopping around all over the place, skateboarding sneakers are just so much nicer-looking. If not for the physical appeal, then you can also add in the fact that you don't have to deal with as many ripped laces from all the flip tricks. If you're wondering how to tie skate shoes, read these easy-to-follow steps below.

Things You Will Need

Scissors, lighter, small cup of water.

Step 1

Slip your feet into the skate shoes and get the laces nice and snug. Start from the toe-end of your sneakers and tighten each set of laces that cross over each other to make sure it's all evenly distributed. Pull your tongue up so it feels comfortable. Tug on the laces until the skate shoes fit snug enough to keep them secured to your feet, but still loose enough to slip the on and off without struggling too much. Once you find that perfect medium, take both sneakers off, but be careful to avoid loosening up the laces again.

Step 2

This next step should be the last time you tie skate shoes until you get another pair or decide to change laces. Without loosening them, tie a knot on each end of the laces and shimmy the knot down until it meets the hole where the lace comes out. Tighten the knots securely, again being caution to not cause the shoelaces to loosen up. Use scissors to cut the excess laces off to about 1 inch away from the knot.

Step 3

In order to keep your skate shoes from untying where the knots are, you need to melt the 1-inch ends down to the knot itself. To do this, use a lighter to ignite each lace. Allow it to burn for about 5 seconds, and then put the flame out with your finger after dipping it into a cup of water. The water on the tip of your finger serves two purposes: for one, it prevents your skin from burning; it also causes the hot shoelaces to be cooled off immediately which in turn creates a molten plastic-like material that forms over the knot to keep it from untying itself over time. When you perform this step, make sure you do one lace at a time and try to keep the flame from burning your skate shoes. Also, avoid inhaling the smoke as much as possible. Array

Tips & Warnings

Now that you know how to tie skate shoes, try using different colored laces and making your sneakers really stand out. For instance, if the pair you're using has a green/white/black color scheme, try lacing it halfway up with white laces, and the top half with green laces. You would use the same process as before except you'd have an extra set of shoelaces to cut, tie, and melt.