Before the tips on how to tighten your facial pores, it is important to say that pores occur naturally on our skin. The pores are how our skin breathes. Yet large facial pores are unsightly and finding a way to reduce them is important.

Large facial pores are caused by age, infections, hereditary, repeated acne or abuse of commetics. In addition those with oily skin seem to develop large facial pores more often.

Tighten Facial Pores

Tips to tighten Facial Pores

Although it is difficult to reduce facial pores once they become enlarged, there are some strategies you can use to tighten them.

The first thing to do is to prevent further enlargement of the pores. The most common cause of large pores of the face is acne. Our skin produces an oil called sebum for lubrication. Then we frequently apply moisturizers and other cosmetics. Skin cells die and slough off, and the skin is in constant contact with dust and dirt from the environment.

All these combine on the skin to form a  debris that could enter  the pores. If the skin is not properly cleansed often to enable removal of the pore content,  infection from bacteria could set in.

The bacterial action causes inflammation ( swelling) of the pores and pronto, you have a clogged pore. The swelling continues inside the clogged pore enlarging it . Proper cleansing is very important in facial skin care.

4 Tips to help Tighten your Pores

There are a few things that if done consistently reduce the appearance of large facial pores.

Tip One - Proper Facial Cleansing

If the pores are not properly cleaned, in such a way that the contents are removed, the facial pores will continue to get enlarged. It is best to cleanse your face at least twice a day. If you have sensitive skin use a gentle nonsoap or an hypo allerginic product.

Since your target is to deep clean the pores, a gentle steaming will help. Sit over a bowl of hot water for five minutes, or put some tea bags in a bowl of hot water and use a towel to dip and gently pat your face. If you are feeling rushed, take a hot water bath and while the bathroom is still steamed up, attend to your face.

Heat and humidity open up the pores allowing you to deeply cleanse them.

Tip Two - Use Facial Masks often

There are a great many facial masks available at Amazon and your local cosmetic shop. It is important that you rinse the face very well after the mask to ensure that all traces of the mask are gone. Any remnant may clog the pores.

Products containing Dead Sea mud or other forms of clay work well. However the contents of your kitchen can produce an effective homemade facial mask.


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Creating your own Homemade Facial Mask

The basic ingredients of a homemade facial mask are outlined below

1. Oatmeal - It acts as a substitute for the clay. Oatmeal absorbs oil and refreshes the skin. You could use it either boiled and cooled or simply soaked in cold water for about 30 minutes. Use three heaped tablespoonsfulls as a base for the mask.

2. Add three tablespoons of honey to make a tart mask.

3. Add the white of two eggs and /or the juice of one lemon to the oatmeal to form a rejuvenating facial mask. The egg whites tighten the pores as they dry while the lemon juice revitalizes the skin.

4. For the brave, a facial mask can be made with three spoons of baking powder. Add some water to form a paste and spread on the skin. This mask is a bit harsh and is best reserved for very oily non sensitive skin.

5. Other variants involve adding avocado or tree oil to the oatmeal for dry skin. Fruits and vegetables such as banana and cucumbers could be used as masks as well.

Exfoliating your Face

Any of these masks can be turned into an exfoliating product very easily. Simply use raw oats instead of cooked or soaked. For extra texture add some almonds. Gently process the almonds and oats until they are coarsly ground. Mix in the other ingredients plus enough water to form a paste.  Rub it in with a firm but gentle circular motion. Rinse well. You can add this step when you have the time. The exfoliant removes dead skin revealing a glowing you.

Tip Three - Use a Toner

What a toner does is to balane the pH of your skin. Cleansers and masks could change the skin pH. If this change is not corrected, the skin will attempt to do so by producing more sebum negating all your efforts.

Toners do not have to be store bought.  Splashing tea on the face works well (use Chamomile tea if possible). Other home made facial toners include Apple Cider Vinegar and Chinese green tea.

Tip Four - Use a Special Facial Pore Reducing Lotion

A number of the big cosmetic brands including Neutrogena and Clinique, make products specificlly targeted at tightening facial pores.

Most of these products contain alpha and Beta Hydroxy compounds or complex peptides. Look for these ingredients in products on the shelves of your local store if you want to avoid the bigger brands for any reason.

Rub the lotion in with a circular movement, paying particular attention to the areas around your nose.

Other things to watch out for include excessive exposure to sunlight, which helps to enlarge pores. Use a high spf product if you are on hoiliday.

Learn How to Tighten Your Facial Pores

Facial pores cannot be avoided. They are neccesary for the normal functioning of the skin. Large facial pores are unsightly, undesirable and can be tightened.

Genetics, acne, nutrition, temperature and age play a role in the size of your pores. Some of these factors cannot be avoided but with proper and continous care, your facial pores can be made to appear smaller.

One Last Facial Pore Tip 

Ice blocks (or anything really cold) instantly tightens pores. The effect is short lived but very noticeable. So if you need to tighten your facial pores to look good for a photo shoot, run a couple of ice cubes over the area and you are good to go.