Healthy Eating




Most families are caught up in a busy lifestyle where both parents are often working and rushing their children back and forth to their various sporting activities. This often leads to split meal sittings for the family which encourages more takeaways being bought.


Healthier eating and family living should be very important topics in every household.  With the ever increasing costs of food, fuel and the general household utilities of electricity and gas it is not easy. We still need to provide our families with the best food option where we can. To do this we have to eat nutritious dairy products and fresh meat and vegetables to improve our iron intake levels.


Meal Planning

We need to plan meals to cover these situations.This can be done by preparing double quantities of food each time you cook anything.If you cook double every time you can eat that night and freeze enough for another night. Then again you may decide to split any extras into individual servings for those times when you will need single meals.This is far better than buying takeaways and will save you more money at the same time.

It is still important to vary the diet, by cooking a mixture of meat, chicken, fish or vegetarian meals.Don't forget the need to avoid waste.Use the leftover chicken or roast by creating unique ways to use these up.


Quite often you can make a beautiful soup from the bones from a chicken and use up the last of the veggies from the crisper to save them from being discarded into the bin. Left over bread can be browned in the oven and crushed up for breadcrumbs, add some seasonings and you have the chicken stuffing half made.


Fresh Vegetables are very important 



Set an example for your children, by encouraging them to eat vegetables every day.If a child refuses to eat the cooked vegetables offer them a variety of raw vegetables instead.Or give them the choice of some of each this way you will gradually encourage them without pressure to eat vegetables.


Soups and stews are another way to introduce vegetables into the diet. Cut the vegetables up small or if all else fails mash or blend them.That way they are still obtaining the goodness and required nutrition.


Why not grow your own vegetables in the back garden?If you have too much you can then freeze the extras to use when needed.Frozen vegetables are great to have on hand and are high in nutrient content. One way to camouflage the vegetables is to used them in tacos or burgers as kids love these.


Eat more fish


We all need to eat more fish to decrease the risk of diseases.Eating two to three feeds of fish a week is said to help enhance the development of our brain. Fish is low in saturated fat and therefore provides omega3 fatty acids.Never overcook the fish as it is delicate and needs little cooking time.Tinned fish still has the important omega3 for quick fish meals.





Write a shopping list and stick to it. Where it is possible pool together with your neighbors or family to bulk buy your meat. More is usually cheaper. Use the cheaper cuts of meat to make stews, soups and curries. Make these go even further by adding pasta or noodles.


Weight control



If you know in your heart you are a little overweight.Why not try reducing the amount you put on your plate.Then have a piece of fruit instead.


Eat meals at the family table



Encourage your family from a young age to eat together at the table as a family.This is the time to talk to one another and share problems and achievements from all family members. Too many kids grab their meal and take off to their own bedrooms to eat in front of their own idiot box or play stations.



This does not create family lifestyle.Try to start out the way you mean for your particular family.A family means sharing, togetherness.If everyone goes to their own rooms, what does that say about the family?Every home needs to contribute something together.


Another great time to talk to your children is while taking them to school or sports activities. Do not miss opportunities like this to sort out problems that face children growing up.You need to listen to what they are not saying as much as what they say.