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Is your cute puppy hyper active? Most dogs are when they are young, and start slow down with age. However, the first year or two of a dog’s life, you can expect them to be insanely active. Here is a quick guide on how to tire out your overly active, but cute, puppy.

Take them to “go potty.”
Perhaps your puppy is trying to tell you something. Have you taken your puppy outside recently? He may be over excited and ready to go on your carpet any minute. And if that’s not the case, he may realize once outside that he was so wound up he didn’t know he had to “go.”

Play fetch.
Dogs love fetch. I have a funny hunch that game has been their favorite game since the cavemen were just beginning to keep wolves as pets. Play this with them for at least 15 minutes.

Play tug.
Only play this if your cute puppy is still gentle while all wound up. Some dogs are so excited to play tug that they tend to get a little rough when playing this. However, this will also wear them out if played for a few minutes. Make sure you always have a nice tug rope handy for this.

Take them for a nice walk or even a run.
Try taking your puppy for a nice long walk. Some puppies, if big enough, can actually go running with you. This would definitely help them work off the energy that they have built up inside of them. If you do this, be prepared that although it may tire them out, they will most likely return thirsty, and after drinking their water, will have to go back outside again.

Practice commands.
Puppies love to be trained. They love to please their owner. If your cute puppy is aimlessly running around in circles, try practicing “sit” or “down” or whatever other commands they know. They will love getting a treat, and this will also help calm them down at the same time.

For being first time dog owners, these are some tricks that my husband and I have found to get our little dog to chill out. You may have some other great ideas. If you do, please feel free to mention them in the comments!

Note: Lots of puppies also go crazy right before they fall asleep. Some puppies will run around in circles, bark nonstop, bite your pants leg, and then the next moment, fall asleep in your lap. Check out for cute puppies getting crazy before bedtime.