It's common knowledge that most men hate shopping but most women love it. This means the mall can be a place which is fraught with argument potential and usually results in the girl dragging her boyfriend around while he wishes he could make a quick exit. Here are some tips to help you survive those shopping malls.

Things You Will Need

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Step 1

Survive a shopping mall with her

Think about what you would like to achieve by the end of the day.

There must be something you need for yourself, or would at least like to check out: a new battery charger or DVD or gift for a sister or mum. Do you have anything that needs repairing or exchanging? Make a mental list and try to take care of as many of these things as possible so you feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Step 2

Plan your attack

If you know what you want you can prepare in advance. Know what you're looking for, how much it costs, and which shops are most likely to have it before you leave home. If you can, encourage her to do the same. Maybe you can find yourself cheap ipods or mobile phones, while she can search for cheap furniture.

Step 3

Impose a time limit

So you don't feel that you are wandering around aimlessly for hours, suggest a time limit in advance. Most women waste time in malls window shopping, but a time limit will encourage her to stick to her planned purchases as well as save her (or you) money on impulse buys. If necessary, tell her you have something you need to take care of later such as calling in on your mum.

Step 4

Always schedule

This may sound unnecessary but a little scheduling can make life a lot easier. One hour to browse then coffee or lunch, then half an hour in home furnishings and half an hour in ladies lingerie. You will feel more in control this way. If your schedules can't match, part ways and organize to meet up later. Bring a newspaper in case she needs extra time.

Step 5

Give as good as you get

If she has made you wait outside change rooms while she tries on one outfit after another, then make her listen to a really boring conversation about amplifiers. She'll get the message.

Step 6

Reward good behavior

If you sense she is genuinely trying to make the experience easier for you, there's nothing wrong with a little reward; lunch, some cake or something little that she had her eye on earlier is enough to make you next shopping trip together a lot less painful.

Of course, if your relationship is already troubled, you can always learn how to break up with your partner.


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