3 Simple Steps to Stop the Sag and Build Lean Muscle

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when we hear the word “toning” is having perfect abs and tights, without saggy skin anywhere in our body. Although it is true that with exercise and diet you can attain a well-defined and firmer body; technically we cannot “tone our muscles”; our muscle mass can only achieve three things: increase in size, decrease or stay as it is. The word “tone” is not correctly used in the sense of fitness and exercise; but it is the closest definition to having an excellent lean muscle structure and a better than average muscle to fat composition. However, for the purpose of explaining how to achieve the body you have always wanted, we will continue to use this word.


The most important thing you need to do in order to conquer your goal is to take up some form of physical exercise; it does not necessarily mean joining a gym but you have to be part of some sort of fitness program: exercise is the key to reduce your body fat composition and get the desired look; now, the perfect combination of exercise is a eat a healthy diet; it should consist of fruit, vegetables, good fat and protein in the form of fish, chicken and the occasional lean-meat portion of read meat; however for the majority of us is difficult to get all the proteins we need from food, this is why good high-quality whey protein supplements; this is a natural and complete form of protein.


 1) Spend less Time in the Gym

There is no need to spend two hours in the gym when you can train for one hour (including stretches) and get better results; your body hits the maximum level of exhaustion after forty-five minutes of intense physical exercise; training for two hours will make you lose weight quicker but it will burn muscles as well; remember that your objective is a good body with lean muscle and a lower fat percentage. In order to get better results you can train in an intelligent way: supersets will cut your training time by a third; instead of lifting 15 kilos you can lift 25 and lower the number of repetitions to 8; this will not only save you time but also will produce better results.


2) Low Repetitions and High Weight

Do not waste your time with high repetitions and low weight; many people make many mistakes in the search for the perfect body and this is the most common one; remember that our muscles can only do three things: reduce size, increase or stay as it is; with this kind of training the most likely outcome is that your muscles will stay as it is or in some cases reduce the size. An exercise program that includes low repetitions and high weight will increase your lean muscle and reduce fat at the same time; your body normally burns fat up to 24 hours after an intensive workout; also the more muscles you develop the more calories they will consume to maintain it.


3) How to Burn Body Fat
The only way you will achieve the perfect “toned body” is by burning body fat and increase your lean muscle; as explained before; this can be attained partly by following a low repetition and high weight program; however the rule you need to understand is that a healthy eating plan plays an important role in you want to look better. However, it does not mean that you need to reduce your calorie intake and have two small meals during the day; the contrary applies in this case, try to have 6 small but healthy meals throughout the day; this will reduce the hunger feeling and avoid that your body starts breaking down muscles to recover.


Other things you can do to reduce body fat and increase muscle grow: