You Can Trace Cell Phone Numbers Free of Charge


There are ways to trace a cell phone number for free if you had received constant calls from an unknown caller. Tracing numbers coming from a cell phone is not easy compared to land lines because cell phone numbers are generally not listed in phone book directories. 

They can't also be easily accessed by dialing some information but you could still trace cell phone numbers free of charge if you'll try to follow some of the steps below.



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      Research online and type in the search engine box, the cell phone number/numbers you're looking for and see immediate results. Some people will list their cell phone numbers for example, if they had joined a networking or social interactive site like MySpace or Facebook where you can see their public profile names including their cell phone numbers and they could just come up instantly on some of the search engines online.

      Other people could have posted their cell phone numbers on some online forums or blogs and these are sources where you could find some information that you may be looking for. When people post their cell phone numbers attached to their accounts in the world wide web, you could also see these numbers when you'll look for them through the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

      Try to look cell phone numbers that you know of and sommetimes you can find someone's cell number since they had posted it once upon a time on a forum or blog. If this technique may not work for you then you need to look for other ways to trace the phone number that you're searching for.

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      Visit a site which is a directory of unknown callers. They offer free reports about that phone number left by other users but you also need to leave your own comment to the site. One example is 800Notes, this a directory of unknown callers. When people get a call from a phone number that they do not recognize, then they will just type the number in the box provided by the site and click 'Get Details' to find out who's using that phone number.

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      Look for mobile communities where mobile phone users have created their own profiles, participated in chat rooms, shared photos, videos, and blogs by using their mobile phones. The mobile phone users in this community have an option if their numbers will be viewed by the public since some companies provide wireless services that allow their phone customers to build their own mobile community.

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      Look for a cell phone number/numbers in volunteer directories. There are people who want their contact numbers to be viewed by the public. 

      They may have another number for private calls only while another for public communication and they just voluntarily list their contact information along with their cell phone number for some reasons. You can trace the cell phone number free of charge if the person you're looking to has listed his or her information in this kind of site.

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      Find a reverse phone directory that is free. There are free cell phone directories that are available online but the information that they can offer about a particular cell phone number is usually limited. It can just be your reference or a guide since they can give you the cell phone number' s carrier including the city where it's registered.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Cell phone numbers are generally not shown in the public record unless someone really wants to disclose it for certain reasons. If you're wondering about some strange numbers that keep on appearing on your cell phone bill or probably you can no longer stand of the prank calls that you receive everyday then look it up through a paid reverse cell phone directory. 

    These are the web sites that could give you the right information that you might need because they could provide you added information compared to the free ones. The websites with free services may only give you a limited type of information.

    Websites that requires a fee look for additional records for a particular phone number, but you also need to pay them. Their service fee usually ranges from $20-$40, depending on the kind of information that you may want to know. Research for websites that provide a 100% money back guarantee if ever they can't find the person you are looking for.

  • A reverse cell phone directory website have certain records for cell phone numbers and its users but they require a certain fee. Some of these sites will offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with their service. The information that these sites could provide for your search includes the person who owns the phone number, physical address, mailing address, and additional details that he or she had given to the cell phone provider.

  • You may call the unknown number and listen if the person will tell his or her name. This would probably not a good option for others since you'll be able to talk to somebody whom you don't know. 

    There are also business people who just keep calling because they want to sell something for you, one way of marketing their products through a sales call. You can also block these annoying calls too.

  • Teens who participate in social networking sites or other websites should not reveal their personal information like street address and phone number since these data can be disclosed to unknown and dangerous people like stalkers via the world wide web.

  • Block your cell phone number as soon as you can if you want total privacy since tracing a cell phone number online could be easier for some people whom you don't know at all.

  • Bear in mind that cell phone numbers change constantly. Some people will discontinue their service for certain reasons and their phone numbers may be activated by someone else of the same phone company service. 

    One reason could be payment delinquency. Another reason is closing their present account with their cell phone carrier. In this way, you could be getting the wrong information if the phone providers were not able to immediately update their databases.