NFL football players train hard, fast and often, to prepare the for the very violent sport of football. Any individual wishing to train like football players must focus on the entire body. It also requires a dedication and ability to work hard and push the body.

Things You Will Need

Shorts, good shoes, weights and lots of energy.

Step 1

Most if not all football players from college to NFL have some form of weight training. Their focus is getting bigger and stronger, this means any regiment must include weights. Unlike football players the average person doesn't need to become extremely strong, so they can reduce the weight training, but it is essential so develop at least two days of weight work.

Step 2

Football players understand the importance of a strong core, making core training another critical step in any program. Core training is difficult and painful, but it also adds lots of variety. Pick out a number of different core exercises both sitting and standing and rotate them, but do them often. This can include work with a ball, weights, crunches both sitting and standing or just simply running.

Step 3

Toss in that cardio workout. Sorry folks, training like the guys in the NFL means cardio. Go for running, there is no better cardio and it really burns the calories.

Step 4

Don't forget the diet. Training on this extreme level requires lots of protein. Work with a diet plan and get those proteins up, because as muscle builds it needs more fuel

Step 5

Work with a personal trainer Training at a high level can get complicated, so getting a trainer to push and add keep you moving forward is very important. Find one that is up on the current modes of exercise and let them work some magic.

Training is tough, but being a champion starts long before the season.

Tips & Warnings

Always listen to the body. When it is asking for a break give it, but make sure it has been pushed.