If there is one thing that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is known for it is its prestigious basketball program. Over the last Century the UNC Tar Heels have produced some of the finest athletes to ever grace the court. The program boasts the likes of such superstars as Antwon Jameson, Tyler Hansbrough,Tar HeelsJames Worthy, Jerry Stockhouse and Michael Jordan. With Hall of Fame coaches on the sideline, Roy Williams and the game changing Dean Smith, the Heels have been able to amass five National Championships. But every good Carolina player knows that banners hanging from the rafters don't come easy. It takes tremendous effort, talent, skill and work regiment to become a member of the men's basketball team.

Any future Tar Heel must know that summer is not a time to slack off. It's a time to gain steps on your opponent. Tyler "Psycho T" Hansbrough got his name be working harder than anyone on his team. In his final year he was a dominant force in the paint, garnering not only a fifth National championship for the heels, but the all-time school scoring title.The Summer going into his senior year, Tyler was spotted on campus pushing a large truck back and forth through a parking lot and logging an obsecene amount of hours in the Smith Center. Sports Illustrator wrote about Tyler's legendary work ethic. [1] That year the man became a beast and became an all time great.

Another example of the UNC work ethic can be found in hot shot recruit Harrison Barnes. Barnes the number one prospect and would be heels sharp shooter, would spend hours in the Dean Dome before games taking jumper after jumper. The black falcon, a self assigned moniker, was a rhythm shooter who used his gym time to perfect a three-point shot that almost won the heels a national championship in 2011.[2] 

This tradition of Summer workouts continues in today's current players. Goheels.com just published an article about young Luke Davis who works out everyday with training techniques given to him by former Carolina champions Jackie Manuel and Bobby Frasor. Davis, a transfer guard from Gardner-Webb, focuses on his speed, agility and hand-ball dexterity during the off season. He says the workouts passed down to him from the former Tar Heel stand outs are tough, but he knows that the work will make him better.[3]

Every coach knows that winning starts with off-season preparations. It's the work that is done in the Summer's sun, in the hot gym, when no one is around to watch you that breeds champions. It's a formula that many of the past Carolina greats have used to hang rafters in the Dean Dome and it's a legacy that is continued today. What is the Carolina Way? Winning. How do we win? By working harder than the rest. Go Heels!