Top 5 Tips to Train Your Dog

Getting a new puppy or even older dog is an exciting experience. It is something that many people grow up wanting and wishing for. Understanding what you are getting into will help you guarantee an enjoyable experience.

There is a reason why they call dogs a mans best friend. The loyalty and love that they bring into the human to dog relationship. Many times they become apart of the family and more of an human than a pet.

To ensure you have this type of experience and bond it is important to have a well trained dog.

Follow these five tips and you will have a loving friend for life.

Tip # 1

Start Early and Train Often

There has been many research firms and studies done on the topic of human development. Humans are mammals and share many traits with animals at the subconscious and conscious levels. Children's brains are growing at a rate that is twice has fast as someone in their twenties. The amount of information that is absorbed is truly astounding. The same is true at a biological level for dogs. This is the main reason to start training your dog as soon as possible. Get your dog familiar with your voice and tone early in the relationship. The sooner you start the relation the more connection will be made. Being able to recognize your tone and voice will lead into increase of control and obedience. Consistency is key when building the relationship and understanding between you and your new best friend. Work on something basic ever day to make it second nature.

Tip #2

Set Obtainable Goals

Think your strategy out in advance. Have a plan on action on what you would like to carry out by a certain time. Understand that if you have a puppy that they are babies and are not just learning what you would like them to learn, but also the world around them. Everything is new to them and a mystery. They are curious creatures and are using their nature figure it out. Apart of that nature is to scratch, sniff, and chew on everything to see what it is. If there are things that are of extreme value in your home, keep them out of reach from your puppy. If you have a new, but older, dog understand that there might be some bad habits that need to be remedied. "Can't teach and old dog new tricks," might be right because most of your time will need to be spent on correcting the old tricks. The approach is the same as for a puppy, but the mindset must be different.

Tip #3

Rewards and Punishments

When training and trying something new, entice your dog to follow commands giving them rewards. Sometimes the rewards are found in the tone of your voice or with treats and food. A little candy can go a long way with children, and even adults, when looking for a specific result. Rewards tend are more productive the longer you use them. Timing is key for this step. Try to reward and punish as soon as possible. The longer time passes the more confusion could set it. Not understanding what they are getting rewarded or punished for can set you back in the progress made. This is something to remember later in dog ownership. If your dog runs away and finally returns, be wary on punishment due to confusion on what they did wrong. Take a minute to put yourself in the mind of your dog. You return and obey (at that moment) and receive  punishment. The sooner you are able to reward or punishment that more productive it will be in the development process.

Tip #4

Have Specific Commands

Similar to setting obtainable goal, this tip focus' on the exact things you want your dog to do. The more direct and brief the command the easier it is for your new dog to do. Short and sweet will be easier for you to command and easier for your dog to understand. Reflecting back to tip #1, consistency is key!

Tip #5

Build a Relationship

Build a strong relationship with your dog as a great friend. Help your dog feel comfortable and willing to do good things for you. The old saying will aid in this last tip. "You will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." A friend is more willing to do something for you than your enemy. Build a strong relationship of friendship and be willing to try new things.

Be a Friend to "Man's Best Friend"

Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs

 Stay up to date with medicines and check up with your dog's veterinarian often. Their expertise will lead to a long and happy dog life. Pick food that will promote an active lifestyle and brain activity. Lastly, to have a dog that is "mans best friend" you too need to be your dogs best friend.