Are you interested in the best credit card deals? If you have a high balance on a credit card with high interest fees you may want to consider credit cards balance transfers. The best credit card rates for balance transfers is a 0 interest credit card for balances you transfer over. When you find credit cards balance transfers your goal is to transfer to a fixed rate credit card with a low interest rate, or even a 0 interest credit card on balance transfers. The best credit card deals are not hard to find. So read on to learn how to take advantage of 0 APR cards balance transfer offers.



Credit cards balance transfersCredit: Andres RuedaCheck your mail for the best credit card deals. There are SO many balance transfer offers that there is bound to be one for credit card transfers on a 0 interest credit card. You may find that some of the paperwork for the best credit card rates are right there in your own mailbox. If not, you can check the websites for a no balance transfer fee credit card on major credit cards like Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. They may have deals on credit cards balance transfers with 0 APR cards fees and at the same time provide you with a fixed rate credit card. This is important because unlike those with variable rates, the interest on these cards won't go up on new purchases you make.

Credit cards balance transfers(49034)Credit: orphanjonesRead the fine print for the best credit card deals. Many times there will be a cover letter for credit card transfers addressed to you. Check if that card says you can get a fixed rate credit card with no credit card balance transfer fees. Then read if it's also a 0 interest credit card balance transfer offer. If that is the case, then the transfer amount for 0 APR cards meets your main criteria for a credit card.  You don't want to get stuck paying interest; you want a card that pays YOU.  So shop around for the best balance transfer offers. See if it's also a no balance transfer fee credit card before you sign up.

Credit cards balance transfers(49031)Credit: TheTruthAbout…Read the REST of the fine print to select the best credit card deals on credit card balance transfers. Check the APR to see if it's a fixed rate credit card. It's fine to have 0 APR cards APR balance for credit card transfers, but that does NOT mean there's a 0 interest credit card rate for balance transfers on NEW purchases you make with this card. To learn the APR there is usually a folded disclaimer about rate on the back. There's a table with the numbers in the top row so you can find the best credit card rates on balance transfer offers. A low fixed rate, on a no balance transfer fee credit card can really help save you money.

Credit cards balance transfers(49033)Credit: ohadwebFill in your personal information on the balance transfer offers for a no balance transfer fee credit card. It will ask your contact information, SSN, and income. Then, for credit card transfers, look at the bottom of the form. For credit cards balance transfers there should be a spot that asks for your old credit card number, company, and the amount you wish to transfer. If you feel you've found the best credit card rates you might just want to transfer your whole balance from your old card to your 0 APR cards. If it's 0 interest credit card for balance transfers you might as well because those can be the best credit card deals.

Credit Cards(49032)Credit: Michael swanBe sure to mail in the application for your no balance transfer fee credit card by the due date so you don't miss out on the best rates on balance transfer offers. Often times these perks are part of a limited time offer.  If you are accepted for the transfers, you will receive a new card! Your old balance will still appear there, of course, but it will not incur fees, so long as the application was for a fixed rate that's also a 0 interest card for balance transfers. For more information on maintaining good credit, please visit my links below. Good luck in your quest for the best deals!
Tips & Warnings

  • Do NOT sign up for any sort of deal that ends up in your Email inbox, EVER!  It is fine to shop around online for the best deal.  However companies that claim to offer you the best rates through email are more often than not, phishing schemes.  Legitimate companies are not going to ask you to enter your name, address, social security number, and mailing address by clicking on a link they provide.  These scam artists have gotten very good at masking their emails and links within them to look just like the companies they are emulating.  Avoid these Emails.  Instead, go with companies you know.
  • Remember a 0 interest card is for purchases you've transferred, not on new purchases. So look for a low rate.  This way if you are carrying a large balance, your monthly payment will be drastically reduced.  It will give you the opportunity to create better spending habits while paying back your prior debts.
  • A fixed rate card helps you save money on future purchases, so try to get both! Avoid variable rate cards.  This way the montly payment won't creep up on you when you don't expect it.  The only way a variable rate will work for you is if you pay on time, in full, every time.  It takes a  lot of self discipline to make a variable rate work for you.
  • A no balance transfer fee credit card means you don't have to pay a fee for transferring. So a card that does all 3 is best. Avoid these with fees whenever possible.  You should be receiving cash back each month, not paying fees each month.  Make a smart choice so that your money works FOR you. 


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