If you've recently bought the new Xbox 360 Slim more than likely you have an old Xbox with a ton of data. You'll want to be able to use that data on your new 360 Slim since you'll rarely go back to the older model. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to remove the old Xbox hard drive, transfer data from it to the 360 Slim, and then transfer your licenses. It's much easier transferring data before licenses, if you only did license transfer, you'd have to re-download all the data onto your 360 Slim without emptying your old hard drive. Let's begin with some items you'll need.

Things You Will Need

There are ways to do a data transfer via flash drive, but using a data transfer cable is much easier. The most a flash drive can carry is 16GB so it could get cumbersome. You can find a data transfer cable at most major retailers (BestBuy, RadioShack, Walmart). And for the license transfer, you'll need a computer and connection to the internet.

Step 1

First thing's first, remove the hard drive. This is real easy, all you have do is stand the Xbox up vertically so the letters HDD are facing you. There's a button in between the perforated and solid section of the console. Click the button, and using your finger, simply tug the hard drive out. Easy, wasn't it?

Step 2

For the data transfer you'll need to purchase a special data transfer cable, the price is 20 bucks but if you shop around a little you might find it cheaper. Plug the USB transfer cable to the 360 Slim and connect the larger end to the older Xbox hard drive. After you've done that, on the display, the 360 Slim will notify you that it's detected the transfer cable. It'll give you three choices: 1) Yes, transfer data to console, 2) Yes, transfer data from console, and 3) No. This can be confusing as two options begin with "Yes". Some people mistakenly choose "Yes, transfer data from console" and that won't work; the older hard drive isn't compatible with the newer. So choose "Yes, transfer data to console"

Step 3

Next, a new screen will appear with all the data on your old hard drive displayed. It'll show you a list of any demos, themes, gamer profiles, and other data you've stored on the older hard drive, plus the amount of memory required for each item. Of these, you can select which item you want to transferred. This is good if you've shared your old Xbox with someone else and only want to transfer your data to the new console. After you've chosen to either transfer all data, or selected data, you then click start and it'll begin the process. It could take a while; it depends on how much content you're transferring.

Step 4

After the transfer has finished swapping Xbox 360 hard drive content, you'll need to transfer licenses. Again, it's best to transfer data with the cable to avoid having to manually re-download data from Xbox Live Marketplace individually.

Step 5

Type in the Xbox website followed by "/drm" and sign-in to your account. Click "start the license process now" to begin the transfer. You'll be taken to a page with every license connected to your gamertag displayed, click next. Make sure you're signed-in to Xbox Live on your new Xbox 360 Slim; this is so the transfer tool can identify your new console. After you've reached the next page, it should tell you the 360 Slim has been found, all you need to do now is click "confirm" and the licenses will be transferred. And that's it.

Now you're ready to play all the games you enjoyed on your old Xbox. It's not a difficult process, but if you still need help there are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube. Have fun!

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to read the FAQ page on Xbox's license transfer tool website. It'll answer the most commonly asked questions, clearing out any confusion. You will only be able to transfer licenses once a year and you won't be able to transfer licenses from movies, so make sure you watch them before starting this process.