Students admitted to a nursing program usually complete all the required courses and earn their degree from the same institution.  However, occasionally changes in life circumstances force students to move to a new area and attend a different school to finish the training and education required to become a nurse.  To ensure credit is given for the courses that have been completed, it’s important for these students to know how to transfer nursing courses.


Check the school’s accreditation.  Visit the website of the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) to check the accreditation status of both your current school and the one you plan to transfer your courses to.  If both don’t have approval or accreditation from the NLNAC, it could mean your nursing courses won’t transfer.  Check with your state nursing board as well to make sure both schools have nursing programs approved by your state since without state approval you are unable to apply for a nursing license once your courses are complete.


Speak with a faculty adviser.  Make an appointment to meet with a nursing faculty adviser.  Get a copy of the nursing curriculum at your new school, and compare it to the curriculum at your current school.   Find out what nursing courses your new school will accept from your old school.  Determine what classes you’ll need to retake as well as what additional classes your new school requires that your old school didn’t.  For example some nursing programs require students to complete a medical ethics course while others don’t.


Apply for admission.  Many nursing programs in the U.S. have a competitive admissions program since only a limited number of spots are available.  Check that transfer students can be admitted to the nursing program.  Complete the application and submit supporting documents as requested by the school to be accepted as a transfer student into the program.


Request your transcript.  Complete the transcript request form available from the registrar’s office at your current school to get an official copy of your transcript sent to your new school.  The new school uses this to make record of your transferred courses.  Accepted nursing courses are taken from your old transcript and placed as transfer courses on your transcript at the new school.