You have always desired to become an entrepreneur; therefore, you are considering making the leap from employee to entrepreneur or business owner. Even though you are considering it, you are unsure of the necessary steps. Below are steps on how to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Things You Will Need

Will Power


Step 1

You must exhibit leadership skills. Leadership skills include influencing and inspiring employees. Leadership skills also include the ability to make hard decisions, even difficult ones. Do not become so close to any employee where your leadership could possibly be undermined; therefore, understand that you are the boss.

Step 2

You must network with other business owners. Remember – to network not only in your line of business, but also with others in diverse businesses. One organization, for example, would be your local Chamber of Commerce.

Step 3

Read trade magazines specific to your industry. This will help you keep abreast of innovations in your field.

Step 4

Take classes. You may even take online courses. The main aim is to be a life-long learner in your field.

Step 5

Keep track of finances. Remember – you are responsible for paying employees. Just as you looked forward to payday when you were an employee, they will also be waiting for payday.

Step 6

Form relationships with a lawyer, accountant, and banker. It is best to do this before actually needing their services. If one of your employees is suing you, for instance, trying to find a lawyer to take your case could add to an already stressful situation.

Step 7

De-stress when needed. Having a business can be rewarding; however, it can also be stressful. Remember - make the time needed to distress yourself. You did not become an entrepreneur to kill yourself.


Tips & Warnings