Information technology has always been a reliable industry with competitive compensation, continued growth and a variety of specializations. What makes this industry very unique is that it grew even when the U.S. economy experienced a recession during previous years. Due to this, a lot of people are now considering a career transition into this American industry.

Important Certifications

In order for a person to successfully jump into the IT industry, they should select a certification. These help an applicant show potential employers that they have the knowledge and skills to do their job well. At the same time, a lot of companies are willing to make a contingent offer to people who have either one of these certifications.

CompTIA A+ certification is made up of two tests. The essentials test measures the applicant’s competency in networking, security and computer technology, and a practical application exam evaluates how well a person can apply their knowledge to resolve and troubleshoot certain scenarios.

Specifically designed for network administrators, installers and technicians, CompTIA Network+ Certification is another important qualification that a person can use to take the leap into the IT industry. This certification includes an exam regarding topology, security, management configuration, installation and network equipment.

By obtaining either of these certifications, an IT professional can prove that they have the essential skills and knowledge in order to be successful in this industry. It also demonstrates their commitment to achieving success when working in the IT industry because these certifications take dedication and hard work to earn.


Another way to help applicants make the transition into the IT industry smoothly is to seek internships at a reputable company after they have obtained their certification. This is because it provides them with an outlook on what an IT specialist does every day. It also gives them the necessary experience that could make them stand out from the crowd.

Always Explore Options

Aside from deciding what certifications to obtain, a person should start their transition in the IT industry by considering what kind of computer job they want. This is because information technology jobs vary and also have special requirements. This alone should enable the applicant to assess the skills that they have in order to decide what information technology job might be best for them.

Resumes Are Important

When making a transition into the IT field, it is important for a person to revise and prepare their resume in order to reflect the important skills that they have acquired from their certification training. At the same time, their resumes should be free from spelling or grammar errors in order to look extremely professional. To increase their chance of landing a job, it is important for a person to post their resume on the most popular and current IT job resources and search engines such as

Always Try to Find a Staffing Agency

Aside from posting their resume on an IT employment search engines such as , it is also important for an applicant to submit their job credentials to local staffing agencies. This is because the majority of IT companies rely on them to find local employees. At the same time, they should not forget to tell these agencies that they want to obtain an entry-level position that deals with computers.

The IT industry field is constantly evolving and growing. At the same time, computers will always be a mainstay of people’s lives. With this, information technology careers will be in high demand in the U.S. and around the globe.