London in Spring: The Perfect Getaway Adventure

Traveling to London for Spring Break could cost a lot of money if you are not careful.  But there are lots of ways to save money during your trip.  From your airline ticket to attractions, there are discounts that will keep money in your pocket.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead might not sound like Spring Break fun, but you can save some serious cash.  Book your flight as soon as you know what dates you want, usually four to five months before you plan to leave.  Tuesdays are the best day to buy your ticket as the prices have come down from the increase that happens during the weekend, when many travelers buy their tickets.

If you know what attractions you want to visit while you are in London, you can buy the tickets online and save a couple dollars.  If you are buying passes to more than one attractions, they may have added discounts!  Some attractions will have discounted rates for off-peak hours/seasons.

Be a Student

There are many discounts for students in London.  Almost every place you visit in London as a “student rate” for admission.  Contact your international studies department and talk to them about getting an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).   

Your ISIC will be good for a year and you will can use it in over 120 countries including your own hometown!  Best part is the card is less than $25 for the year.



Use Your Legs

One of the best parts about London is the lack of cars.  Because it is so expensive to own and drive a car in London, there are many forms of public transportation that can get you from point A to point B. 

Depending on how long your stay is or how often you will be using the Tube you can buy and Oyster Card which you can top off and it’s ready to use or a Travelcard.  The Travelcard can be purchased for daily or weekly rate.

All of London is walking friendly.  There are many pedestrian bridges and large sidewalks help with large crowds.


Oyster Card

Go In a Group

While it is not recommended to buy your airline tickets in a group, you can save money by sharing a hotel room.  You can usually fit up to four people in a single room.  Warning:  Hotel rooms are smaller in London than in the States.  Just be sure to pack light.

Depending on the size of the group, you may find that you will also qualify for more discounts at attractions!

Take a Day or Two Off

Because Spring Break is still peak season, flying in and out on a Tuesday or Wednesday will help keep costs in check.  If you can afford to miss a class or two, it would be beneficial to leave early or return late.

Spend the weekends on outings that are less crowded and popular attractions should be visited on weekdays while many people are at work.

Keep in mind the time difference between the two hours.  Give yourself a day to adjust (fight the urge to sleep).  Naps are the best to help fight jet leg.  Do not allow yourself a full eight hours or your sleep schedule will be off.



 Pack Accordingly

Some things in London cost much more than they would if you packed them.  Contact  lenses drops are nearly triple the cost in London.  Make sure to have enough supplies for the entire time you are there.

Clothing can also be tricky.  Because London, much like everywhere else, can change quickly, it is smart to pack layers.  Remember a rain coat and good waterproof walking shoes.


London can be a cheap but exciting Spring Break destination for travelers of all ages.  Taking a few simple steps can save you and your friends hundreds of dollars.