One way of enjoying your travel is when you know that your money, pertinent documents and other valuables are placed in a safe location wherever you go. The purpose of travel is to have a wonderful time and memorable experiences.

When you're on a vacation, you don't want to be always anxious about the safety of your important things so the best thing to do is plan ahead of time where to put all those valuables and have agood time.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things you'll need:

  • Luggage
  • A gadget alarm
  • Plastic envelopes
  • A minimum number of valuables
  • A waist travel wallet
  • A slashproof waist wallet money belt
  • Time to research
  • Netbook or laptop computer 
  • Internet connection

1. Make photocopies of important travel documents and place them in plastic envelopes. In case some of the originals get lost while you're still on your vacation, you can refer to these clear photocopies like your plane tickets,immigrant cards and papers, travel and health insurance, credit cards and bankcards, the first page of your passport, and traveler's cheques.

2. Observe how local people are simply dressed. Buy a few inexpensive clothes if you plan to stay longer in that local area and go for the same casual look.

Avoid using too much jewelry while you're traveling in order to avoid temptation from thieves who will usually roam around and target affluent-looking tourists. Try to blend in more with the local people so that you'll enjoy your travel experience and vacation.

3. Bring the minimum number of valuables that you need. Only take with you the valuables that are really necessary for your travel. Avoid bringing irreplaceable family souvenirs, expensive-looking jewelry and important items that you usually place in your wallet.

4. Buy a slash proof waist wallet money belt that has a thin steel cable inside the strap to hinder a thief's intent or interest on relieving you of your money and other valuables with a speedy cut of a sharp knife.

You can also purchase a sturdy and quality waist travel wallet that attaches to your belt and can be easily be concealed under your clothing so that you can keep your money, passport and credit cards inside. There are now modern and convenient pouches or waist wallets to keep your credit cards, money and passport safely inside when you go to various places in your travel. 

A neck stash or pouch is also convenient. Most of these items have separate compartments and an adjustable strap including a hook and loop fastener. Try to get the soft, durable rip-stop nylon pouches since these are lightweight and truly a discreet way to carry your valuables. 

These are handy pouches that are also comfortable to wear and convenient to access especially when you're shopping, eating or on the go. The adjustable neck strap will allow you to hang the pouch where you're most comfortable.

Some travelers will just keep this under their shirt and long enough to tuck at their waistband since it is made of comfortable material that can make you wear under your clothing. You'll be able to feel safe and you're also hands free.

With a neck stash, you no longer need to use your pockets since you can simply also place it over your shoulder and under your arm underneath the shirt you're wearing even while you sleep. Just select the ones with patented travel-dry fabric so that it will not transmit any sweat to the stash.  It can truly keep your tickets, passport, credit cards, boarding passes, and money safe inside while you're traveling.

5. Purchase a gadget alarm for around eight to ten (8-12) dollars that you can find at retail or convenience stores. Some of these gadget alarms have flat and two little metalprongs that you can easily stick underneath any item that you want to be well-protected. When someone lifts that item up, it creates a loud chirping sound that will scare someone who'll plan to take it.

6. Make sure that your valuables are locked up. You can stay in hotels that have safety deposit boxes inside the room. To do this, you need to check some travel sites online for more information. Most travel sites offer clearer pictures of how your room will look and it will also include safety features while you're staying in it.

Some rooms have even large safety boxes for your carry-on bag and netbook/laptop computer. You can leave your jewelry, cash and other important documents in these safety boxes while you're enjoying shopping around.

7. Use a very ordinary and inexpensive wallet for your local currency. Take this with you when you go out shopping around the local stores and malls. It's convenient to get your cash inside to pay for local transport, tips, etc. You don't also have to worry if a thief will snatch it and could even make the thief change his or her mind about stealing it.

Tips & Warning:

Stay in larger hotels that have extra security. Find out if your personal property insurance covers you for loss of valuables abroad.

Withdraw your money from ATMs carefully. When punching your PIN numbers, cover the area with your body where your hand is working for those numbers. Be sure to get the receipt. Avoid anybody to view how much money you have in your account.

Remember to leave a copy of your travel itinerary to a family member or trusted friend at home in case someone needs to contact you during an emergency.

Travel light and only bring one luggage if possible so that you can move easily and quickly. You'll be less exhausted and have more energy to look for this one luggage only.

If you're confronted by a thief, don't fight back and immediately give up your valuables. Remember that life is more important than those valuables. They are material things only compared to your precious life.

Bring an additional credit card with you that you keep in a separate small bag in case the other gets lost or stolen. You can easily go to the nearest bank, malls that have ATMs inside or other financial institutions in order for you to withdraw cash advance through this backup card.