The moving of pets to most dog and cat owners means making sure they travel safely. With most owners, taking pets on airplanes means the dreading tactic of putting the animals in the cargo area. Not only is this dangerous during some seasons of the year, it also causes extraordinary stress on the pets travelling

Things You Will Need

Pet - cat or dog

Money to buy an airline ticket

Step 1

If you have ever hesitated on putting your dog or cat in the cargo hold of a major airline carrier, then you will be happy to know there is another choice: an airline that carries animals exclusively. Your first step is to decide to find the airline that can put your pet in first class.

Step 2

One of the most popular pet airlines is Pet Airways. Placing your pets in the main cabin, the pets ride in a pressurized cabin that has an attendant on duty. Go to their webiste (or any per air carrier website) and check out the fees to move your pet.

Step 3

Use like you would buy an airline ticket for a person, you need to have the city you are departing and arriving from as well as the dates you are flying. After plugging in the necessary information, you will get a price for the purchase of the ticket.

Step 4

If the price fits into your budget, then buy the ticket and get your animal ready for the forthcoming flight. Make sure your dog or cat goes to the vet to be checked for good health. Also you need to make sure your animal has all the proper vaccinations. Another aspect of your animal travels that should be discussed with your vet is if your animal has high anxiety.

Tips & Warnings