When it comes to Bacterial Vaginosis, there are usually two approaches to its treatment: the traditional methods using antibiotics, and alternative (read natural) BV treatments which may be healthier in the long run.

There are some facts about BV that your doctor won’t tell you.

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Vaginal Infection can be a cause of major concern for many women.

If you visit a doctor, it is likely he will stick with conventional treatment, which includes prescribed antibiotics.  It’s certainly not their fault … they have done years of studies which show just how right this method of treatment with antibiotics is. However, what the doctors don’t tell you is that these antibiotics will only provide you temporary relief from BV and that your problem will most likely come back with same force (if not more).

Why Antibiotics Are Not Good For Your Vagina’s Health

Whether taken orally or externally, antibiotics may also be fairly expensive.  However, the main problem with antibiotics is their forceful and damaging nature. Antibiotics are effective at killing off the bacteria in the vagina, but the antibiotics kill all bacteria indiscriminately. In other words, they do not take into the account the delicate balance of microorganisms in the vagina.  By eliminating all vaginal bacteria they basically ignore the importance of restoring and keeping a healthy, natural vaginal environment, which when this balance is disturbed, bacterial vaginosis is allowed to flourish. 

Now, antibiotics are not “smart” in a sense as they don’t know not to eliminate the good bacteria which are actually beneficial for the vaginal health. Antibiotics simply try to kill off all bacteria, including the good ones.

With the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria gone, the antibiotics now give way for a potential new BV infection as soon as two weeks to a month from the initial treatment with antibiotics! Many chronic sufferers from Bacterial Vaginosis have this problem of BV infection recurring after they got treated with antibiotics, not to mention the potential side-effects of them, especially in pregnant women.

This bacterial “disturbance” may be traced to scented body washes and douches containing certain chemicals.

Natural treatments have shown to have a better track record.  For example, natural remedies rarely show a recurrence of bacterial vaginosis.  With a success rate of over 90%, most women don’t suffer any unpleasant side-effects.

Using antibiotics may certainly help in treating the symptoms of BV, but they are far from ideal in helping to restore the so important and healthy vaginal balance which prevents the infection from occurring (or reoccurring) in the first place.  Unfortunately, recurring cases of Bacterial Vaginosis are only treated with antibiotics, weakening the body’s natural resistance.  Due to repeated exposure to the antibiotics, the bacteria may easily develop a resistance to the medicine and become ineffective and immune to the treatments.  This is more likely when the antibiotics are prescribed over and over.

For that reason, we urge that females who suffer from bacterial vaginosis to consider alternative options. There are actually many such natural bacterial vaginosis treatments available, surprisingly effective and simple to apply.

In discussing the obvious benefits of natural BV treatments, natural methods will support and restore the natural, beneficial vaginal balance.  There is either none or only very little risk of recurrence of infection which we otherwise see due to simply treating symptoms instead of the underlying cause.  Bacteria will not develop resistance over time, with no potentially harmful side effects or unpleasant symptoms to bear.  If that appeals to you and if you suffer from BV, going “natural” be just the solution that you’ve been looking for.

The 3 day BV cure, which is a 100% natural method of treating Bacterial Vaginosis guarantees permanent riddance from this irritating health problem using ONLY natural methods.