Beyond serving as a tasty stand-alone (or complement) breakfast food choice, when adorned with such natural sweeteners as brown sugar and raisins, did you know that oatmeal can also be used as a viable option to treat Chicken Pox? As a highly contagious viral disease, that can naturally cause severe itching, oatmeal inherently has soothing properties that is a favorite of many who experience this bath. While you may certainly choose the irritation reducing nature of a baking soda or brown vinegar bath, oatmeal has proven time and time again to be the primary option and favorite of those who are experiencing this disease.

Rather than just dumping an entire carton of Quaker Oatmeal directly into your bath, the best itch-fighting properties can be elicited from your rolled oatmeal when it is milled into a fine grained powder. This is otherwise called a colloidal mixture of oatmeal because, when the rolled oats are milled, they will dissolve quickly and efficiently into the cool or lukewarm water while creating a milky liquid texture in your bath.

Step #1

Refrain From Itching

Whether you are a child or an adult, who is experiencing Chicken Pox, you'll be overwhelmed with a continual intense desire to scratch the red bumps on your skin.