Dandruff in dogs is just as common as dandruff in people. If your dog is showing signs of dandruff such as telltale white flakes or itchy skin, there are some things you can do to help him get rid of his dandruff.

Things You Will Need

dog shampoo for dry skin

Aveeno oatmeal bath



Step 1

Bathe your dog. Use a shampoo made especially for dogs with dry skin. Be sure to completely and thoroughly wet your dogs' fur, lather the shampoo and massage in for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well. Shampoo or soap residue can dry your dogs' skin making dandruff worse. Bathe your dog once or twice per month. Bathing too often will also cause his skin to become dry. Do not use a dandruff shampoo made for people.

Step 2

Use an oatmeal bath such as Aveeno to ease your dogs' dry skin and reduce dandruff.

Step 3

Pet your dog. Put a thick layer of moisturizer on your hands, pet your dog and massage the moisturizer into his skin and fur to ease dry skin.

Step 4

Brush your dog daily. Daily brushing will help to stimulate natural oil production and spread the oil throughout the fur and skin.

Step 5

Feed your dog a high quality dog food. Low quality dog food oftentimes lacks the proper nutrients to keep the skin and coat healthy and in good condition. Poor diet can lead to dandruff in your dog.

Dog dandruff is highly treatable with patience and consistency.

Tips & Warnings