Treating Jock Itch with Over the Counter Products

Jock itch is a fungus infection that gets in the skin around the groin areas. This type of fungus  is of the same nature of ringworm. Some people are more likely to develop jock itch and have problems with reoccurrence throughout life. It can occur in men and women, and it is contagious. It can be mistaken for other medical conditions so it's best to first get a medical opinion before starting a jock itch treatment at home.

If you discover you have jock itch and want to treat it with over teh counter remedies,  you will want to get a anti-fungal cream, ointment or spray to treat the area. Follow the instructions and never use the product longer than specified. If your condition does not improve you may need to get a prescription strength product. This condition is best treated using multiple methods.


Jock Itch Medications

Because jock itch is a fungus, they thrive on wet, warm areas. Keep the area clean and as dry as possible. When you bathe or shower make sure you dry your body, including any cracks or skin folds. Use a clean dry towel each time because fungus can live and spread by using a towel more than once. Dry off with the towel as much as possible, then allow your body to air dry for several minutes before dressing. Use a blow dryer if necessary. Once you are dry use a  power that is no corn starch base to keep wetness down in the groin area, especially in the inner thighs. Personally, I have used Caldesene Protecting Powder. It is zinc oxide and talc based. It really seals out any wetness great. I found it in the baby section of my local Krogers. However, I've seen it at Amazon.

Change the underwear often. Wear white underwear so you can wash the garments in bleach. Wash them in hot bleach water and dry on high heat to kill the fungus. Avoid wearing tight underwear and jeans. Don't wear anything when possible. Avoid wearing any tight or restricting items such as jock straps and wear only breathable materials like cotton.

Shower after sports or activities that cause you to sweat. Perspiration provides a breeding ground for jock itch.

Men are more susceptible to having jock itch but women can have it to. It is contagious so you should consider this when being sexually active.

Once you have gotten rid of jock itch you will want to continue with keeping the area dry, wearing lose clothing and using the powder. You want to prevent it from reoccurring.

Natural Remedies for Treating Jock Itch:

Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil can both be used for treatment. Apply your choice of apple cider vinegar or the tea tree oil to the area two times a day until the symptoms are completely gone. This usually takes at least 5 days in mild to moderate cases and take even longer with bad cases. This might burn for a few minutes, but it should subside quickly.

To further the efforts of your natural remedy, implement salty baths as part of your treatment. Using table salt, pour a large amount into water deep enough to soak the affected areas. Soak for a duration of 15 minutes, two to three times daily for 4 to 7 days. This is said to help dry up oozing blisters and open skin that can occur with a fungus infection such as jock itch.

Adding garlic and eliminating sugars can help with the healing process. Anyone who has ever suffered from an infection like these knows how annoying they are and how hard treating jock itch can be.