Loose stool is an extremely common ailment, though its commonality does not make it tolerable! Constant loose stools can cause burning, itching, stomach pain, and general annoyance. Furthermore, loose stool may be a sign of a more serious symptom. The aim of this article is to discuss what loose stool is, its causes, and how to prevent it.

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First, we must understand that there are two kinds of loose stool. Acute loose stool, the most common, is temporary. It usually comes on suddenly and can last for up to a few weeks. Chronic loose stool, on the other hand, is more serious. It may last much longer than a few weeks and is continunous. Chronic loose stool does not go away without medical attention, and may be a sign of a more serious underlying cause. If your loost stools last for more than a few weeks, you should see a doctor for medical attention.

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Second, we must understand what loose stool is. People often mix up loose stools, sometimes also called diahrrea, with the more common soft, smelly stools. The latter is the type that may stick to the sides of your toilet bowl, or float. This may be an indictation of excess fat in the stools, a condition called steatorrhea. To learn how to treat this condition, please see the link in the resources section.

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Avoid the causes of loose stool. Usually, loose stools are the result of a bad or unhealthy diet. Sometimes, they may appear after eating certain foods. When you notice that you have loose stools, avoid the following foods:

- raw fruits and vegetables

-fried, greasy food and fast food

-dairy products (including milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)

- spicy food

- caffeine

- cold drinks (It's best to stick with hot tea or lukewarm water as long as symptoms persist.)

Step 4

Think, "Loose stool is such a BRAT!" You should eat the BRAT foods. They are Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.

Step 5

There are also many alternative remedies for loose stools. One of the most popular is from Chinese medicine, which says that loose stools are caused by a spleen qi deficiency. Spleen Qi deficiency is supposedly brought around from excessive stress and restlessness. There is a link to more information about this treatment in the resource section.

To wrap it up, here is what you should do:

* Determine which kind of loose stool you are dealing with.

* Make sure it is actually loose stool (diahrrea) and not soft, smelly stool (steatorrhea).

* Avoid foods that cause loose stool.

* Eat the BRAT foods.

* Explore alternative medicine for other remedies.


"Soft, Smelly Stools"

"Spleen Qi Deficiency.

Tips & Warnings

While you have loose stools, ensure you are getting enough water. Diahrrea causes you to lose fluids.

While experiencing symptoms, try having soups for your meals.

Be sure to see a doctor if your loose stools last more than a couple of weeks!