How to Treat Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

How to Treat Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about post nasal drip remedies or a very effective post nasal drip treatment.

Step 1

Post nasal drip, or PND as it is sometimes called, is the condition where too much mucus is produced in the nose or the back of the throat, which then drips or trickles down onto the back of the tongue from where it is swallowed. This can sometimes cause bad breath due to a build up of bacteria which can cause an offensive smell when exhaled.

Step 2

The first line of attack in treating post nasal drip bad breath should be to try to discover what is causing the problem rather than heading off to the chemist looking for a cure for bad breath. Any conventional bad breath treatment, such as breath freshening mints or mouth sprays, will only temporarily mask the condition.

Step 3

You may find that your post nasal drip bad breath lessens if you reduce your intake of cheese and other dairy products. This is because bad breath may be caused by anaerobic bacteria which thrive on amino acids found in dairy produce, as well as in mucus and phlegm. If you can reduce post nasal drip in this way, bad breath should also decrease.

Step 4

If a change in diet makes no difference, there are nasal sprays which can dry up excess mucus and so lessen the post nasal drip problem. Many of these may cause a dry mouth however, which is another cause of bad breath, so whilst you are curing one thing you are possibly making another worse.

Step 5

Some post nasal drip may be caused by allergies such as hay fever. In such cases the treatment is usually with antihistamines and can be seasonal. If you suffer from this kind of allergy, however, you may find you have other allergies, such as to house dust, which can also cause post nasal drip and the associated bad breath. As before, finding the cause of the problem will lead you towards finding the right cure for your bad breath.


Tips & Warnings

If you find nasal congestion and resultant bad breath and post nasal drip is worse in the mornings, try using overnight nasal strips which work by opening the nasal passages and aiding clear breathing during sleep. They provide almost immediate relief but not long term. (but do be careful and use these only when necessary. They can become very addictive.)

There is a safer and more natural solution for post nasal drip which may be better for you in the long run.