temp to permCredit: Sid Wood

Temp jobs are a great way to keep yourself busy, gaining valuable experience and earning money.  Do you also know that temp jobs can pave the way for a permanent job?  If you work hard and smart in your temp job, your supervisor may recommend the company to hire you as a permanent employee.  True, not all temp jobs open the doors for permanent positions.  Yet, through your efficient work as a temp you are ready to reap its benefits in the short- or the long-term.

Tips to use your Temp Job as a Launch Pad for Permanent Employment

Be punctual:  Arrive at your work place on time.  If you are late for any reason, call your temp agency and your employer and let them know why you’re running late and, more importantly, what time you’ll be in.  Who should you call first?  Strictly follow what your agency has advised you on such scenarios.  Great time-sense also applies to lunch and coffee breaks.

Follow the rules:  Adhere to all the rules of the company.  Such a discipline not only works in favor of you as a candidate for potential permanent employment, but also lets you reap its benefits throughout your career.

Give your best at work: Strive to always do the work given to you as efficiently as possible in the given time.  Follow your supervisor directions to the core.  Such traits make your manager view your work with a positive outlook.  It means, she will rate your work higher.

When the company consistently ranks you high on the performance scale, the employer can open the door for permanent employment.  Your temp agency will also consider you as a trusted temp.  It will place you in its list of preferred people for jobs in your field of skill and experience.

Be proactive in your work:  Don’t wait for your supervisor to assign you further work if you complete a job before time.  Take the initiative and ask your manager for a new job.  Such an approach projects you as a hard worker and makes you the forerunner for potential permanent employment.

Hone your skills:  Make use of the opportunity to work as a temp to gain new skills and sharpen existing skills.  If you’re a self-learner, you’ll be an even more valuable resource to the organization.  So leverage your temp job and keep your skills up-to-date.

Update your résumé:  The work experience you gain from a temp job, even if it’s of a short duration, is credible.  Make sure you include the temp work in the Professional Work Experience section of your résumé.  In it, highlight job duties and accomplishments.

The last word: If you take a professional approach to work and do well in the temp job, the main benefit is the outstanding potential to land a permanent position.  The other advantages include that the employer may hire you as a temp for new projects.  You may also be assigned work in different departments, which means you’ll acquire experience in diverse functional areas.  Thus you can strengthen your résumé.

If you're given a job offer, make sure to let know the same to your temp agency as per the terms of your contract with it.

In case you cannot land a permanent job in the company, you’ll have strong references to give post-interview for a job in a new company.  Of course, you’ll also be a most sought after temp in the temp agency that assigned you the job.