Fleas are the most common problem that dogs can encounter, and can also transfer to any humans that the dog comes into contact with. Flea removal isn't always an easy process, but with a little work, they can be cut down and eventually eliminated with the right approach

Things You Will Need

A dog
Flea Powder
Flea comb
Dish soap
Warm water

Step 1

Identify that your dog has Fleas
The easiest sign that a dog has fleas is obviously either that you yourself get some of the fleas and get bitten, or that the dog is scratching itself a lot more often than usual. Having encountered either one of these signs, checking the dogs fur is the best way to know for sure. Check around the stomach of the dog and part the fur to check for fleas, make sure that you do this in several locations if you aren't successful the first time.

Step 2

Kill the fleas already on the dog
Wash the dog with warm water and plenty of dish soap to kill all of the fleas already on the dog. Some people comb out the fur of their pets when trying to get rid of fleas, but this is a lot faster and less labor intensive.If the dog is small, then using a large sink is often the best receptacle to use, although if the dog is larger than the sink, a bath is the best thing to use.

Step 3

Powdering the Dog
Next after the dog has been washed, make sure that it stays in the house while it dries. Fleas are picked up from the grass outside, and so if the dog immediately goes outside again it might pick up more fleas straight away. After the dog has dried, put flea powder on the dog and brush it all over by hand. This will keep the fleas away usually for a month at a time.
Repeat the Process
Read the packet that the flea powder came in and check how long it stays effective for. After that time has expired, repeat the process and wash the dog again as well in case of fleas not yet affected by the powder, or in case the powder isn't as effective as it claims.

Tips & Warnings