A sore tooth is always painful and this pain is accompanied by bacterial infections. This is a serious health problem, because it can lead to internal trauma or accidents. Such a serious medical problem can lead to other problems like gum swelling, head aches, and mild fever.

If a sore tooth is caused by bacterial infections, abscesses may be developed and this can be very painful to bear. A trick to addressing this problem is to gargle with salt water. This a cheap and easy home remedy. It's also effective in relieving pain and bacteria that has caused swelling due to abscesses.

To make a salt water gargle, simply mix salt (about 2 to 3 teaspoons) in warm water. Dilute the salt granules fully in one glass of water and gargle it slowly. Make sure that the mixture will reach the sore tooth repeatedly for the swelling to subside. This salt and water solution is very effective to fight off the bacteria present in the mouth which causes the painful swelling.

To make the salt water solution more potent, simply add one teaspoon of mouth rinse (peppermint rinse is better) to kill bacteria on contact. Adding it in the mixture will give the solution a better taste too.

It is important to check your tooth condition thoroughly because sometimes tooth infections can be more severe than you think. If a severe pain results in fever, then do not hesitate to contact a dentist and ask for advice. You may need to take antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication to cure your tooth problem.

To avoid having a sore tooth, it is important to maintain daily healthy and good oral hygiene to keep the mouth healthy. Use toothpaste with high fluoride and anti mouth germ solutions to ensure that your teeth and gums are well protected.

Mouth wash should never be ignored when it comes to maintaining a healthy and clean mouth. It fights off bacteria more than regular brushing can do. Dental floss is a great help too to remove food particles stuck deep between teeth. If these particles will not be removed, it will solely destroy the surface of a tooth and cause tooth decay.

Check ups are necessary so pay your dentist a visit regularly for your teeth to be maintained. If you value your smile, make dental health one of your top priorities.