Keeping Puppies Healthy

Having a Brand New Puppy at home is so much fun and work.   While they are a new house guest it is important to keep up their health and yours with these little tips.  The dog will love the attention while you check up their health anyhow.


Your puppy will need to get use to people handling his ears, feet, teeth and overall body.  Start by holding them and rubbing their ears, run your hands through his paws and individual fingers. Look in their ears and check to see if they are clean weekly.  Next look at their teeth.  Maybe rub some peanut butter puppy toothpaste three times a week to get them used to this procedure early.  Then rub their finger nails and check for sharp edges.

The sharp edges can do lots of harm to your personal belongings as well as your skin.  Just this morning my puppy got a nice scratch on my leg.  When this happen let out a loud "ouch" in their face to let them know this hurts.  Dogs have lots of fur unlike us humans who have thin skin and scratch easily.


Put the puppy in your lap and have a goodie or piece of puppy foot easily handy.  Either have a dog clipper or nail file and clip while you give them a treat or when you begin to file.  This will distract them.

When the clipper or nail file is shown with a treat they will be used to this being a good thing!

You can even use human clippers; just make sure you start with a tiny piece to clip and file off so they are not sharp. 

Some books and people say once a week for grooming.  I think if you start daily when they are young you will have developed good habits.  


If for any reason they bleed; hold a paper towel on the cut and it will stop within 5 minutes.


Massage their back, rub their tummy and tell them what a good puppy they are.

Make sure you wash their toys every day and re give them and they will think it's a new toy.