Whether you are a certified handyman, or someone who is attempting to conduct a minor household renovation, it is not uncommon for your "tools of the trade" to simply not work the way they should from time to time. While you won't typically have issues with tools like a hammer, there are other instruments, like a Craftsman staple gun, that rely on several elements to function correctly.

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Step #1

Measure and Replace, if Necessary

Loading an innacurate staple size into your gun may cause it to not work correctly. Along with troubleshooting, the 'assumption' is that you have already loaded your staple gun with staples that are of the wrong size. In order to remedy this, you will want remove one so that you can measure it, from tip-to-tip, with a ruler. In order to do this, you will have to release the load chamber by first pulling the two latches that can be found on the bottom of the gun. The length of your staple, from prong to prong, should measure out to match the number on the side of your gun. If they are of the wrong measurement, you will need to go to a store like Home Depot, acquire new ones, and load them in the same manner in which you unloaded them.

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Step #2

Fix Jammed Pusher Rod and Lubricate

Sometimes, when you squeeze the gun trigger, the staples won't exit the gun at all. This can occur as a result of a pusher rod that is stuck. In order to fix this on your gun, you will want to first release the load chamer in the same exact way that you did in the previous step of this InfoBarrel article. You will do this by pulling back the two latches on the gun's bottom. After you pull the load chamber out, remove the staples, and put your staples aside for the time being. It is entirely possible that the internal components of your stapler, to include your loading chamber and pusher rod, just simply need lubricant applied to them. Do this by applying lubricant spray to a cotton swab and wiping both the pusher rod (and its spring) and the loading chamber edges with it. Once you have done this, be sure to re-insert the staples, as well as, the loading chamber in the same manner in which they were removed.

Step #3

Remove Stuck Staple in Load Chamber

Sometimes a staple can become stuck at the end of the loading chamber. When this occurs, your staple gun will be unable to fire. Until this situation is corrected, your gun will be of little use to you. Following the same steps you followed in the previous two steps in this InfoBarrel article, in order to remedy a stuk loading chamber staple, you will want to first release the load chamber again by pulling back on the two latches on the bottom of your staple gun. Rather than using your fingers to extract the staple, it is highly recommend that you, instead, use a pair of needle-nose pliers in order to remove the jammed staple. Once you have removed it and thrown it away in the trash, be sure to reassemble your gun in the manner that you did in the previous steps.