If you have recently lost your job, or due to the current state of the economy, you find yourself finding it harder and harder making ends meet, you probably are feeling the stress of paying all of your bills on time. And if you live in an apartment community, this can spell eviction.
An eviction is the last option for apartment for an apartment manager or property owner, with the renters on one side, and the management on the other. And both sides absolutely hate evictions.

The last thing a resident wants is to be forcefully escorted off the property for non-payment of rent. And in addition the costs, time, and loss of tenants are not exactly what the other side desires either. All sides want to avoid the situation equally.

Apartment owners must spend the money using the court system to force out the renter, and in addition, they are not able to collect rent for the unit. This takes time, but what can you do as a renter if you're having trouble paying the bills.

Make an appointment with the property manager and let him/her know your financial situation. Will they accept partial payments? Or can you negotiate a payment plan that will allow you to pay some money now, and pay some more money at a later scheduled date?

But if you can't just pay your rent, maybe the apartment community will allow to release you from your lease. You move out quickly and as long as the apartment home is in good condition, they will refund your deposit in full. Many evictions result in the destruction of the apartment home. And the last thing an owner wishes for is repairs. And if the owner/management company does not report the "broken lease" on your credit, everybody can come out ahead

If you cannot come to an agreement, the eviction process may follow. And this can get extremely messy The eviction process will result in additional expenses for the property owner. It will take time and the renter can be forced out by local law enforcement.