The wireless adapter for the xbox 360 costs $100, half the price of a small laptop these days. Yet, you can't use it for anything else other than connecting it to your xbox. If you currently have a laptop, you can actually rig it up to act as a wireless adapter for anything that has a lan cable connection including the xbox 360, PS2, and even another desktop computer. If you have to set up your game next to your router, now you don't have to with this simple trick.

Things You Will Need

Laptop with wireless adapter Lan cable

Step 1

Connect a ethernet cable between the laptop and the xbox.

Step 2

Turn on both the xbox and the laptop. Once your laptop is on, go into control panel. Now click on network connections. This screen will show all the internet connections that are available on your laptop.

Step 3

Select both the wireless connection and the Lan connection. What we want to do is create a network bridge, which will allow traffic to move seamlessly across the two connections. With the two highlighted, right click on one of them and select "bridge connections". At this point, you will wait a couple of seconds while the bridge is being set up.

Step 4

You should be all set. Go ahead and test to see if you have a connection to the internet. If it does not work, there may be an additional step involved. Hit the windows key and R together at the same time. A dialog box pops up and asks you what program to run. Enter "cmd" to run the command prompt.

Step 5

Once the command window is up, type "netsh bridge show adapter" exactly as shown without the quotes. It will spit out the 2 adapters that you used to make the bridge. We are interested in the "Force compatibility mode" value for the two adapters. If they are not forced, we need to change it so they are enabled.

Step 6

Type "netsh bridge set adapter # forcecompatmode=enable" where # should be the adapter number that you want to force enable. To be safe, enable both adapters to compatibility mode. For example, to change adapter 1, we would type "netsh bridge set adapter 1 forcecompatmode=enable" and hit enter. Now do the same with adapter 2.

Step 7

You can close the command prompt window now and the connection should be working! Congratulations! You just saved $100 by making your laptop your wireless adapter!

Tips & Warnings

Note that you must keep your laptop on so it can act as your wireless adapter while you are playing.