How many times have you looked forward with anticipation and excitement to that yearly family holiday only to find that the kids are bored after a day or two, and you and your partner are pulling your hair out trying to find ways to entertain them? This is pretty typical of most vacations families take together if they haven’t researched their destination ahead of time. Just because you see and hear a lot of advertising about one place or another does not mean your family will have a great time. Or that you can afford it! Why don’t you ask your travel agent about the fabulous Cabo San Lucas family vacation packages when you start to plan your yearly vacation?


Beaches in Mexico

It’s certainly true that you aren’t going to see many ads on television touting the good points of Cabo. That’s because there is no need to do so. Thousands of tourists each year have already found out what a fantastic place this is to take the whole family for that anticipated yearly getaway. Not just families enjoy this fun destination, but couples, student groups, and well known celebrities, lots of celebrities come to Cabo for the sun, fun and adventurous activities so readily available. It’s just such a fun place to visit, and all you have to do is ask anyone who has been there whether they enjoyed themselves or not. You will very rarely hear anything negative about Cabo, except maybe that the time spent there was too short.


Kids are notorious for getting bored very quickly, even if they are on vacation. It takes a lot to keep them amused, and this  Mexican vacation to Cabo has enough to do that they will fall into bed at night exhausted from the days activities. It’s just impossible to get bored in a location that offers all kinds of activities and adventures everywhere you turn. Some of them are designed to get the adrenalin pumping, and are great for the person who is looking for that ultimate thrill of a lifetime. Extreme deep sea fishing is one of the most popular draws of Cabo. Get aboard a fishing charter, and set out to try your hand at landing a catch you have only dreamed about. Now, that’s excitement.

Swimming with Dolphins


Visit the marina and watch the delight on the faces of your kids as they swim alongside the friendly, frolicking dolphins. Dolphins love people, love the attention, and they make this activity one to be remembered for a long time. No need to worry-this adventure is perfectly safe for all. Parents are even encouraged to jump right in, and several do toss their inhibitions aside and have as much fun as their kids. There is no rule on Cabo that says you can’t act like a kid no matter what your age! The challenge is to see who has the most fun.


You can also turn this vacation into a learning experience without your family even knowing it. Saddle up for a horseback tour through the desert area, where a knowledgeable guide will explain about the wildlife, the stupendous, natural rock formations all around you, and the flora and fauna growing in all its spectacular beauty. This is something they will retain forever because there is nothing like learning first-hand, as well as being quite an enjoyable experience for everyone. Another day spent with no complaints about being bored-priceless!

beautiful cabo

If Cabo sounds like a place you would like to take your next family vacation, take the time to stop in at a travel agency in your area. If you have questions, the professional agent there will be able to answer anything you need to know about. You will also be pleasantly surprised to learn how very affordable a vacation to Cabo San Lucas turns out to be. There are several ways to plan your holiday where you can take advantage of discounts and incentives that may be available at the time, and save even more money. Make sure you ask the agent about package deals or all inclusive vacations, where you pay only one price for everything. Have a ball in Cabo, and forget about hearing the kids complaining that they are bored.