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Despite being created in the late '80s and early '90s (if not earlier; more on the history of twerking can be found at this link right here), twerking didn't explode onto the pop culture scene until Miley Cyrus's performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards. Her moves shocked viewers, and turned twerking into an overnight sensation. Though it was far from unknown before her performance, having a pop princess engage in what most people think of as a risque club move in front of millions has kept twerking on top search lists all over the Internet.

What is one of the most popular top searches? How To Twerk.

If you're one of those people who are curious, well, strap in, because twerking is actually a lot easier than you think it is.

Proper Attire is a Must

Tight Pants Are Optional, But Encouraged

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Assume the Position

As with any dance move you need to get into the right position to make it work. For twerking you put your feet shoulder-width apart (or a little bit wider if that's comfortable for you) and bend your knees until they're out over your toes. Make sure your feet are pointed outward, so that if you drew a line back from your heels you'd make a "V" shape. Lastly, put your hands on your hips with your thumbs pressed in behind the hip bones.

Press with your thumbs to thrust the hips forward, and pull back with your fingers to pop your hips back. The goal is to get used to the motion first, so that when it comes time to set it to music you have better body awareness.

The Full Twerk

Once you've got the hip motion down take your hands off your hips and put them over your knees with your fingers facing in and your wrists facing out. Arch your back so that your hips are pushed back. Using your hips and core muscles thrust your hips down and then pop them back. Think of the downward thrust like cocking a gun, while the backward thrust is pulling the trigger; you want your rear to bounce, not just come back to its original resting position.

Adding the Finishing Touches

If you want to look a little more impressive on the dance floor then take your hands off your knees and twerk with just your hips and core. This is harder on your muscles, and it can lead to a very sore core very quickly. Rather than using your hands and arms for support though you can have your arms out at your sides, hands in your hair, or whatever else that feels right for a given song. Twerking with no support is eye-catching, and it shows that you really know what you're doing. It will take some getting used to though, so practice at home before you try it out in the club. Nothing's worse than making a bid for the center of attention and then falling squarely on your butt because you weren't ready for that yet.