Job application letterCredit: SOCIALisBETTER you are writing a traditional self marketing letter or for an online job application, you need to format it as you would any Professional letter, as well as have relevant content. The key when writing an application for a job is to think of it as an explanation of your resume. Here are tips on how to write a job application letter.


Start with business letter format in a sales cover letter for a polished job application. Put your address at the top of your job application letter, and left justify. Then in your Professional letter write the business's address below this, also left justified. Next write the date, and for a greeting write "Dear Mr. Brown:" Notice that on a marketing letter there is a colon not a comma. Remember that even online job applications should follow standard business letter format.

For the introductory paragraph of the job application cover letter, first tell why you want the job you are applying for, and why you think you are perfect for the job. You want to sound confident in an online job application, but not desperate. You might mention facts in your marketing letter such as where you saw the posting, and how your duties at your current job prove you have the skills to handle the job you are applying for. For a more professional letter it helps to know the requirements of application for a job when you're writing your sales cover letter. This will help you tailor your sales cover letter to the needs of your potential employer.

Write what skills you have that relate to the application for a job that you're writing a self marketing letter for. For the next paragraph of the job application cover letter, hone in on skills on your resume that you want to highlight for your job application. Decide which phrases need further explanation on an online job application. For example, if your job application is for a managerial position, and you've received an award for the top manager in the district for meeting monthly sales goals, mention it again on your sales cover letter even though it's on your resume, but this time be specific about how you achieved this honor. A Professional letter should be short and to the point, so keep this to one paragraph or 2 or 3 short ones if you have several points to explain.

Job application letter(48802)Credit: Michael Kollwitz 3 spaces between your closing: "Sincerely," and then type your name on your job application cover letter. When you print it sign in the space you left between the closing and your name on your sales cover letter. This makes your self marketing letter follow the requirements of a professional letter. However, it is acceptable on online job applications to skip the signature. It is typically not necessary to sign and scan a signature for an online job application.

You're finished!  For more tips on the job application process, visit more of my resources. 


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