Copyright symbolHave you ever had to include the copyright symbol into your documents at work? Or perhaps you simply want to include it in your own poems, stories, or Photoshop work. Whether you are looking for practicality or for personal use, this helpful guide will teach you how to type the copyright symbol in your documents.

Many people are under the impression you need to have a special font to type the copyright symbol—not so. You can type the copyright symbol right into your Microsoft Word document. It's quite simple, but there are a few different methods you can use to type the copyright symbol

First: It's really simple: type two parentheses, and put a lower case "c" in the middle, don't include any spaces. It should look like "(C)"

Or with a Mac: On a Mac keyboard this process is a little different, you need to bring up the symbols menu. Do this by pressing "option+g," and then select the copyright symbol.

If that didn't work: Another way to type the copyright symbol (or more accurately insert it) into your document (in Microsoft Word) is to go up to the top menu, find insert, and click on symbol. The copyright symbol is in the list of available symbols.

If you don't like the default copyright symbol that appears in Microsoft Word or on the Mac, try going online and copy and paste another one that you like. You can copy and paste a picture of the copyright symbol into your document.