Do you know that a lot of bath soaps dry off skin's natural moisture? usually,these are anti- acne, anti- skin disorders and a lot of popular brands in the market. I have this regimen I got from my old folks at home, I actually did this in my teenage years and kind of planning to return to old ways if I will not be busy this December.

If you have acne at the moment, please go on treating it with hypoallergenic soaps. So as to qualify for our pore unclogging process. Your face must be cleared of pimples prior to doing this preventive regimen. If this does not appeal to you because of its tedious, primitive, traditional and mountainous feel, practice your free will as always, settle on age defying soaps or cleansing cream instead. But if you're on Philippine islands hoping, better request a spa attendant to do this for you.

Things You Will Need

Luke warm water or enough to melt down facial grease, but not hot.
Moisturizing or relaxing soap
Two clean face towels
Water scooper
Bath towel and hair cap
Here are ways to do it, before going to bed, wash your face with a specified soap , use half of lukewarm
water from your water scooper. Lather and massage your face from laugh lines upward. Rinse with remaining water from your water scooper. Soak one towel in a cold water, immerse your face on it, slightly rub towel onto your face starting from chin in an upward motion. Pat dry your face with another clean towel.
Heat your face and neck by pressing, using finger tips, keep on pressing like moderately fast till you feel hot on your face area. Sprinkle virgin coconut oil unto face and neck, spread evenly using finger tips. Sleep with this pack on. In the morning, slightly rub your eyes with towel soaked in clean water to wipe off grease.

Wipe off grease from your face and neck with a clean towel, you will notice that dirt deposits were carried out of your pores unto the towel.This means oil got to work inside your pores. You can include your arms and hands in this process. You may take a shower immediately if you are not comfortable going around in the morning with this greasy feeling.

Tips & Warnings

Do not apply oil a bit near your eyes so as not to sore them.
Do not be adventurous with almost hot water, just avoid danger.
If you do not have water scooper, you may settle on basin and a cup with a handle.
If you have chest disorder, you may wrap hefty towel around your chest.
White towel in the morning is a good option.
With this pack on , it is advisable to sleep on your back.