The Terrific Cobra Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool

Cheap Device Fixes Clogged Drains With Ease for Just a Few Dollars

The Zip-It drain cleaning tool costs less than $5 on Amazon (with free shipping) and it takes less than five minutes to use this tool to effectively clear clogged drains.  Who wouldn’t be impressed with a cheap fix like this for under $5? The Zip-It drain cleaner is a fabulous solution to a common household plumbing problem.

I’ve tried the baking soda and vinegar method to unclog a bathtub drain and ineffectively tried using a long piece of wire with a hook to clear drain debris, but these methods only partially worked. Neither completely solved the problem of clogged drains nor did they fully remove the hair caught in my tub or shower drains.  Who wants to use any caustic or corrosive chemicals, or spend a lot of precious money and time waiting for a plumber? I didn’t, so I had to find another, better option. Use this product with ease and forgo an expensive service call to a plumber.

It’s So Good I Had to ShareEveryone Can Clear Clogged Drains for Under $5Credit: Personal photo by E. Green

This product is such a terrific problem solver that I had to call my Dad to tell him about this great device.  Since he’s often the person I go to for home repair questions and advice, I couldn’t wait to tell him about my excellent find for less than $5.  It worked so well and so fast. And now I know, most definitively, how to unclog a bathtub drain.

What Is It?

With a handle on top, the stick-like Cobra drain cleaner is a slim white plastic rod with sharp teeth that protrude out and run down the length of the product on both sides, making it a really effective tool. The handy, helpful handle prevents anyone from pushing it too far down the drain, too. The Zip-It drain cleaner ingenious and it works to unclog a drain naturally and does so for so little money.

Anyone Can Use It

Push the Cobra Zip-It drain cleaning tool down the drain and around the stopper if there is one. It might need a jiggle or two to get it deep enough into the crevice and then slowly pull the stick back up to remove the junk and hair that has accumulated.  Use the Zip-It tool once or twice in the problem drain and then throw it out along with the debris you have removed.  It’s so easy to use and more effective than using a wire. I actually am looking forward to using it again – because it worked tremendously well for me.

Avoids the Use of Harsh Chemicals and an Expensive Service Call to a Plumber

I did not want to use anything corrosive in the rental house where I am living.  It’s also a do-it-yourself option for clogged drains and you can’t beat the price or the time it takes to use this item.  As I mentioned, I tried using a wire first as I had some handy in the house, but it got bent easily and the wire pulled out very little of the hair clog inside the drain.  The Zip-It drain cleaning tool, however, with its multiple teeth, managed to remove all the junk in just two attempts.  I put the Zip-It tool in again a few more times to check for more hair and it came up clear.  When I turned the water back on, the tub drained quickly and immediately. 
Tips for Use

The Zip-It drain cleaner is long and flexible to get down a good distance into a crevice and it won’t crumple up like a piece of wire.  I was amazed at just how much hair and junk the teeth on this device pulled out in just one plunge, so to speak. I’d recommend inserting the tool a few times and in a few different positions around the stopper to fully clear out the drain. Then toss the tool out or wash and disinfect it for later use. Cobra recommends that you discard the Zip-It drain cleaner, however, other product reviewers and users point out that you can clean it and keep it. I did. Be sure to use gloves when doing this chore as it's a very messy job.

Find It Online Or At Your Local Hardware Store

Over 100 users have favorably reviewed the Zip-It drain cleaner on Amazon. The Cobra Zip-It drain cleaning tool is available in a single-use package for less than $5 or in a 12-pack for around $30. I certainly won’t be looking forward to another blocked drain but when that day comes, I am very happy to know that I have truly found an effective and simple-to-operate plumbing tool for clogged drains that I can use myself. I will buy the Zip-it drain cleaner for any clogged drains again without any hesitation. Why don't you try the Zip-It drain cleaning tool yourself when you next need a problem solver like this one and discover just how great this little device works for clearing clogged drains? You will likewise be thrilled with this low cost and easy-to-use DIY plumbing device for less than $5.