Over the years many have believed certain dates will result in the end of the world. The next date feared to be doomsday is 2012. Read on to understand why 2012 is thought to be the end of the world.

Things You Will Need

Internet access

Step 1

2012 Understand why some people believe 2012 could be the date for the end of the world. It is because the Mayan calender stops at 2012 and some people believe the IChing and a computer model called the Web Bot predict the end of the world in 2012.

Step 2

Recognize this is just an interpretation. Many believe for example, the Mayan's intended to start a new date after the 2012 entry.

Step 3

Research the internet to find other dates that many have believed to be the end of the world. For example, many panicked thinking 2000 would be the end of the world and it was not.

We cannot predict if and when the world will end so don't focus on guessing. Lead your life the way you love and focus on the positive.

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