Sooner or later you will have to be able to express and communicate your emotions to another. It can be hard to tell what you are feeling though. It may take time to truly understand how you feel especially if you are not any obvious emotion like anger or sadness. Read on to see how you can understand emotions within yourself.

Things You Will Need

Self Awareness

Step 1

Feelings can be describe as energy that moves and travels throughout or entire body. There are a few times in a human beings life where they try to stop that emotions from traveling. It could be because you do not want to be embarrassed or childish. Feelings is an expression of how free your body is. So let your emotions flow within you for a while and do not try to stop them.

Step 2

There are some emotions that begin at certain parts of the body. Fear is usually felt in the belly or the stomach area (butterflies in your stomach). Sadness can begin in the chest and moves towards the throat (then to the eyes which cause tears). Anger is at the back area right between the shoulders and along the back of the neck. Sexual feelings start at the pelvis and the sexual organs. Joy is probably the hardest to feel but it mostly begins in the chest (like fear). But joy moves outward and throughout the entire body while fear just travels up. To experience joy you must first experience the rest of the emotions and learn to be comfortable with them. You have to be able to let yourself feel fear, anger, sadness and lust before you can truly feel joy.

Step 3

Write in a journal or diary and express your feelings. Maybe you could right done how you feel a certain day and notice where it feels in your body.

Tips & Warnings