The American economy is having the worst financial troubles. It is getting to be as bad as the Great Depression. This is why the government has put forward the stimulus package to help fight back. Over 700 billion dollars have been invested to help tax relief and save/create over 3 million jobs. This is what the Federal Recovery Plan wants to do:

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Step 1

As of now, consumers(basically anyone who buys anything) are worried and afraid about the future of the economy. They are so worried that they don't want to spend as much as they usually do. Therefore, businesses lose profit and have to cut back on expenses and workers. When people are unemployed, they don't spend either. As you can see, it is a terrible circle that must be stopped before it is too late.

Step 2

The government, to counter this, creates more and more jobs. The plan being set forth is to help fund over 100 billion dollars for building clean technology, clean energy and building projects. This will help millions of citizens to get back into the work force.

Step 3

What this package wants to do is to create jobs that make us more energy efficient in the coming years. This means that they want to improve electricity, building more solar panels, wind turbines, electric and alternative energy vehicles. They want to create cleaner air, water and energy in houses across America.

Step 4

The plan also wants to improve public walkways, public transportation, improving the health care system (so you have savings for long term usage), fund science and engineering research that should advance America into a better and more efficient future.

Step 5

The American government also wants to improve education. Which is why any college student will receive over 2,000 dollars for there tuition. Also, there will be an investment of 200 million dollars for work study programs in colleges and an additional 2 billion for early education.

Step 6

The plan also wants to help the men and women who have lost there job. The government will allow anyone who was cutback to not pay any taxes for up to 2,400 dollars. Also, they want to increase food stamp benefits and unemployment benefits.

Step 7

Cutting taxes so they have more money to be a consumer. The logic in this is that if they cut taxes people will have more money so they can go out and spend it.

Step 8

The plan also encourages optimism. The government plans on doing its part to help men and women through the tough times but private companies and people must do there part as well.


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